Club Meetings
Morning - Are held every Tuesday, 8:00 AM at the Mountain Resource Center on Kitty Drive.
Evening - The next evening meeting will be Wednesday, March 22nd at 5:30 PM at Our Lady of the Pines Catholic Church in Conifer.
  • This summer there will be a construction project on U.S. 285 in Bailey, installing concrete barriers approaching the town and in the town. Also, two projects in downtown Evergreen on Highways 73 and 74. All of this is a serious problem for evacuation.
  • Community association for Beaver Ranch is trying to raise money for a playground accessible to disabled.
  • Don't forget to invite kids to apply to Rotary Youth Leadership Awards RYLA & YRYLA camps. We are sponsoring four RYLA and two young RYLA, Kids in Fairplay are eligible.  Visit the for details and applications.
  • Finn: We sent my granddaughter Charly Frisk to young RYLA. She is graduating from Yale School of Environment with a master’s degree. Her film is showing tonight online. She has been all over the world, Peru, Madagascar, etc. and made films.  5pm March 7.
  • FUNdraiser - Evergreen Ice Melt Contest tickets on sale at the Mountain Foothills Rotary web site -
  • Stan: Recently went to great training for Presidents-Elect. Gordon McInally, dentist from Edinburgh is the new RI president. His focus is mental health.
  • Club Service positions available:
    • Sergeant-at-Arms for April, May and June are needed - Join the fun at the Tuesday morning meeting by welcome members!!
    • WebMaster - If you would like to be the webmaster, please email Diana P. for information.
Upcoming Club Socials - All are welcome!
Our next club social will be a Fireside Chat on March 19th 4-6pm at Pat's place.  This is a great way to learn about Rotary, our Areas of Focus, Conifer Activities, and hang out with a bunch of great people.
Jean B. from Conifer and Laura K., from Evergreen both were a part of the RMNVC.
Kristin D. just moved here from Minnesota, worked for Microsoft, sales, just getting to know her new neighbors, such as Bambi, who brought her.
Upcoming Events
Rotary District 5450 Conference - Saturday, April 29 @ The Cable Center.  Visit the Rotary District 5450 web site to register.  The Conifer Club will have a table at the ‘House of Friendship’ to showcase what the Conifer club has been up to this year.
Meeting Program
Lee Willis, explaining the club budget: July to June year. $13000 in dues revenue. Plan to spend $25,000 this year (to date) with a deficit of $1000.
Things shut down during Covid, so we did not spend as much as normal. Our checking account balance has increased, now at an appropriate level. So, we are working in the red intentionally.
We’ve been able to support Blankets for Ukraine, and also generators for hospitals in Ukraine. Also we are supporting literacy in the schools, building the Peace Park, and received a $3000 grant from district(?) for that.
We’ve paid $5000 to date to RI and district.
He had the computer prorate the budget to 2/3 of the year, to date.
Our district sent back $15,000 to RI that we didn’t have programs to request match. It can be any project, but not repeat like for 285 Backpack food project. Our match can come from either the club or foundation.
I want to encourage you to pay in advance, use Zelle, makes my life so much easier. Can set up a recurring payment.
Suzanne: The foundation can give only to non-profits. Club gives away a lot of the money because it does not have that restriction.
Meeting Program:
Elk Creek Elementary School, Destination Imagination team - Louie Wright volunteer team manager
Louie Wright is the volunteer team manager for the Destination Imagination team. Accompanied by Laurie Woulfe, who has been doing this for 30 years.
Wright: Kids are in third grade. Fundraiser: We want to join the Global Finals Scientific Challenge, still need to win one more level. Two girls who visited and showed Rotary their work have been in it since kindergarten. They chose the scientific Challenge. Seven kids in the photos of the team.
Destination Imagination’s mission to ignite the power of all youth to be the creative and collaborative innovators of tomorrow. In STEAM fields.
They can be given an instant challenge, like told to build a bridge out of spaghetti. Can be fifteen pages of rules. They compete and move up. These kids are only 8, been doing this for 4 years. They have heard older kids rave about going to Global Challenge.
This year they chose the technical challenge. There will be a puzzle without using your hands. Only $200 budget. It promotes the use of recyclable materials. Kid: “It’s not a trash can, it’s the bin of interesting things.”
They learned how to use an automatic drill press and a Styrofoam cutter and glue gun. They’ve made microscopes, fishing pole, and a mechanical hand of popsicle sticks.
Kids learn a lot but most important: They learn initiative. They research and work at home and come back to weekly meetings and another kid then helps and they get it built.
Fundraising goal is $12,000. There will be 17,000 people in the arena, 12,000 livestreaming. In Kansas City convention center. Will have a booth to display our solutions.
This program has kids from 41 states and other countries.  Contact info: