Jun 18, 2024
Tim Jackson
Past, present, future of personal mobility - Flying cars are about to take off

Tim Jackson has served 30 years in the automotive industry and 35
years in association management. Of those, 18 years overlapped as
Tim served as president/CEO of the Colorado Automobile Dealers
Association (CADA), the trade association for 400 new car, truck, RV
and motorcycle dealers across the state. Tim led the advocacy
efforts for the statewide association winning 23 of 23 priority must-
pass measures for the association. At CADA, Tim produced the
annual Denver Auto Show for 18 years, the third oldest new car show
in the country, which dates to 1902.
As a private pilot and aviation enthusiast as well as car aficionado,
Tim became very interested in the now fast-growing, yet little known,
start of an entirely new industry in mobility, that of electric Vertical
Takeoff and Landing Vehicles (eVTOLs), also frequently referred to
as passenger drones or flying cars. Today’s presentation will cover
both automotive and aviation and how they may soon intersect.
Tim has a personal goal to visit as many Rotary Clubs as possible.
So far, Tim has made over 550 Rotary Club presentations, including
to 132 of Colorado’s 146 Rotary Clubs, some as many as five or
more times. And Tim has also presented to Rotary Clubs in Long
Beach, CA, Washington, DC and Kemmerer, Wyoming. Tim offers
one of the most popular and exciting Rotary Club presentations
Tim and his wife, Beverly, reside in Denver and spend winters in the
Phoenix area. They have two grown children – a daughter, who is an
attorney with FDIC, and a son, who teaches economics at the
University of York, England.
Tim earned his Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation in
1995 and Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) designation in 1997
and is a frequent speaker on business, automotive and aviation
industry issues. In 2021, Tim was recognized by Automotive News as
an Automotive All-Star. In 2023, Tim became the 64 th honoree
inducted into the Colorado Automotive Hall of Fame.