Aug 17, 2021
Brooke Chesnut
Why Does 2020 Begin the “Culture First Decade”?

Brooke Chesnut has invested 38 years building successful corporate teams in Sales and Leadership, combined with climbing the highest peaks around the world.  Drawing from these experiences, Brooke inspires CEOs, Senior Leaders, Business Owners, HR Professionals and Directors / Managers to improve their leadership skills, overcome adversity, and grow their organizations in today’s competitive environment.

Brooke is passionate about disrupting the status quo in Corporate America by impacting Leaders to think differently about their Culture while leveraging generational Diversity and Inclusion creating a foundation of trust and success for the future.

Why Does 2020 Begin the “Culture First Decade”?

"I will share the most recent data from Fortune 100 CEO's describing why this next decade is so important for Corporate Culture. I will deliver 3 fundamental trends for Leadership to share immediately with their workforce, so they can make an impact upon what drives Culture, How to apply a Culture Shift and how to build Culture in today's Remote Workforce environment."