• SPECIAL AWARD: Pat Hagan received the Most Inspirational Member Award for her exceptional efforts to Make It Happen for our St. Patrick's Day Fundraiser.
  • Our three Conifer Interact guests reported on their activities for the year.  They also asked our club to sponsor their June 1st Run The Ranch fundraiser event at Beaver Ranch.  The money raised will be used for their 2020 summer trip to Nepal.  Sponsors will be acknowledged on all their swag and T-shirts.
  • Thank you to all the Rotarians who helped with the St. Patrick’s Day party…. We made $2300 on the auction.  A special thanks to Pat for all the behind the scenes work on making the party a success.  And kudos to Yvonne for all the cooking of the special meal.
  • The Foothills Home, Garden and Lifestyle Show fundraiser is coming up soon: March 29-30.  You can still volunteer to help using Sign-Up Genius by clicking HERE.
  • The District Literacy workshop from the District will be March 30.   Go to the District website to sign up or just click HERE.
  • The Area 8 dinner is April 3, 2019, 5:30 at El Rancho.  Leslie needs your reservation by Wednesday March 20.  Cost is $25 per person, please pay at a club meeting.
  • The annual District 5450 Conference is April 27 at the Arvada Center.  Sign up on the District web-site or just click HERE.
  • The Rotary International Convention will be in Hamburg, Germany June 1st - 5th.
  • August 15, 2020 will be a Rotary event at Beaver Ranch!  This will be a Conifer Rotary Foundation Fundraiser.  Wes is coordinating.
Program: Kathryn Green, Regional US Census Bureau
Kathryn is a recruiter for the Census.  She joined us today to talk about the 2020 Census and temporary jobs available as Census workers.
The Census is mandated by the Constitution and has been conducted every 10 years since 1790.  The results are used to draw the boundaries of the House and Senate Districts.  For Colorado, our state's population growth in the last 10 years could mean an additional representative for us in the House of Representatives.  In addition, the Census determines the amount of federal funds distributed to each State: $685,000,000,000 (that's $685 billion) is allocated to the States.  Last time our Federal allocation was 25% of the State budget.  Obviously an accurate count is critical to our state budget, If we are under-counted, we lose nearly $2000/person.  A new feature this year: individuals can report the census online.  The Census results are to be available October 2020.
Recruiting for census positions is extremely important.  The recruiting occurs in 2 phases:  Field positions are being recruited now.  All positions: management, supervisory, non-supervisory and enumerators and field positions are all temporary.  There are a number of hiring requirements, get information and apply online by clicking here:
Kathryn's presentation is available for download from our home page Downloads tab, or by clicking HERE.
Guests:  Shellie McKeown of MRC, and Micah Moffit, Milena Lewis, and Phoebe McKeown, from Conifer High School Interact
Rotary Club of Conifer Meeting March 19, 2019 Charlotte Wytias 2019-03-19 06:00:00Z 0
• The District Conference is on Saturday, Apr 27.
• President Elect Dean McCall went to PETS over the weekend. He said it was worthwhile because he learned a lot. He thought it would be nice if the District would provide a checklist of things that need to be accomplished during the year.
• There is a link on the website to sign up to help at the St. Patrick’s Day party. Tickets are also available on the website. Please buy tickets in advance to help determine the amount of food we need.
• There is also a link on the website to sign up to help at the Foothills Home, Garden & Lifestyle Show. Tickets are free.
• The District 5450 Area 8 Assembly will take place on April 3 at El Rancho. The cost is $25 per person plus beverages, which will be priced at happy hour pricing.
• Alateen meets at Conifer High School on Thursdays at 5:00 p.m. It is a support group for those affected by drinking or drug use. It is open to anyone up to age 18.
Program: Jeff Shrader, Jeffco Sheriff
By nature, the Sheriff’s office is reactive because it needs something on which to take action. That notwithstanding, the Jeffco Sheriff tries to be proactive.
After a 20 year decline, crime has been trending up and is up by 25% recently. In an attempt to be more proactive, the Sheriff’s office looks every month at what is going on in different areas and what issues are most prevalent. They have observed that increases in property crime are most prevalent. They believe the roots of the increase are threefold: (1) substance abuse is on the rise, particularly opioids; (2) mental health issues are also on the rise; and (3) homelessness.
Also in an attempt to be proactive, the Sheriff’s office looks at the population in the county jail. There are approximately 25,000 people booked into the county jail each year. In 2015, 100 inmates per month were on opioid withdrawal protocol. In 2016, that number had increased to 200 per month and, in 2017-2018, it was up to 300 per month. 45,000 to 60,000 people die each year because of opioids. Opioid addiction has had an effect on the crime trend.
The Sheriff noted that when Amendment 64 (recreational marijuana) passed, it was thought drug cartels would disappear, but things have shifted instead. There is now a large organization of approximately 800 in-home grows throughout the Front Range. Colorado marijuana has become valuable in other states because of the strains that are grown and the level of THC they contain. On the coast of Florida, for example, Colorado marijuana is worth about $7,500 per pound and it is a “fashion statement” in Mexico City.
The Sheriff must react to what is going on in the communities. His office tries to predict where crimes will happen based on recent activity and using targeted data, which helps.
On Nov 11, 2017, the Sheriff’s office opened a veterans housing unit in the county jail. Jeffco does not have a large population of veterans, but some of them have found their way into trouble, perhaps as a result of PTSD. They find themselves homeless, find themselves abusing substances, and may they have mental health issues. The veterans housing unit provides support and treatment. It has become the most well-behaved housing unit in the county jail. The inmates self-regulate because they are used to a code of conduct. They also want the privilege of staying in the unit where there are military flags on wall and the doors stay open longer. In addition, people come into the unit to teach classes. Interactions with deputies have improved and rates of recidivism have dropped by as much as 50%. The unit has resources to help identify housing for the veterans when they leave the jail.
Following the improved behavior in the veterans housing unit, the next two units have become more well-behaved. The county jail has since opened a behavioral health unit (addiction beds). There are two 64-bed modules. The inmates receive moral recognition therapy (MRT). MRT is the program with the most hope for success. It relies on moral reasoning, teaching people to think and process what they are facing. Where it has been used in other counties, and particularly in prison, recidivism rates have dropped. The prisoners agree to participate. The Sheriff’s office believes it is a worthwhile investment because it doesn’t cost anything extra and it potentially reduces the jail population. Like the veterans housing unit, these two housing units have better behaved populations and the inmates can gain additional privileges.
The Sheriff reported that 95% of the people booked into county jail will get out. Some of them will transfer to the Colorado Department of Corrections, but they are the rare ones. Inmates can be held in the county jail pre-trial and then for a maximum of 2 years on each charge after conviction (typically, sentencing to the county jail for multiple charges is not consecutive). The Sheriff’s office needs to transition people back into the community, especially those who have been in custody for a couple of years. 
The Sheriff follows what is going on in the Legislature. There may be some changes, some of which may be beneficial. He believes we have a pretty thoughtful process, but he wants to weigh in on things in advance. He observed that California had several things happen at once, including a transfer of prisoners from prison to county jail, which changed the shape of things. The Colorado Legislature is currently looking at prison reform. There are questions about whether we have a sufficient number of prison beds. Prisoners may be released earlier and put on parole and a prison that was closed may be reopened. The Sheriff does not want the cost of housing prisoners in Colorado to shift from the state to local taxpayer dollars. The Legislature is also looking at bail reform.
We are unfortunately seeing an unprecedented number of officer-involved shootings in the state. One of them was a JeffCo deputy. The driver of a car was driving it a the deputy and he shot the driver. The passenger then appeared to be reaching for a weapon and the deputy shot the passenger as well. The Sheriff wants to understand what is happening so his deputies can avoid the use of deadly force. It is his theory that most of the people involved in the officer-involved incidents have had experience in criminal justice system and have an attitude. He would like to identify the underlying problem so people can figure out what to do.
Rotary Club of Conifer Meeting, March 5, 2019 Marlis McAllister 2019-03-05 07:00:00Z 0
  • The tickets for the St. Pat’s party are available on-line at the top of the Conifer Rotary webpage CLICK HERE.   We will not be selling paper tickets this year.  Members please sign up to help on Sign-Up-Genius CLICK HERE.  Please donate silent auction items for the event.
  • The Foothills Garden, Home and Life-style Show will be the last weekend in March at Evergreen High School. Please volunteer to help on Sign Up Genius, CLICK HERE.
  • “Get to know your Rotary colleagues” from other clubs, come to the District Area 8 dinner-social: 5:30-8pm April 3rd at El Rancho in Evergreen.  The price is $25 per person and the craft beer will be $3!  There will be a variety of menu items, based on their New Orleans chef’s repertoire.  Lesley needs reservations and money by March 20, contact her at  
  • The District Conference is April 27, Arvada Center, $125.  It will be a one-day event this year.  Tickets are available on the District 5450 website.
  • The PJ party at Pat's home to provide pajama’s for the Peace Shelter was a great success.  We made individual pizzas and had wonderful potluck delicacies to round out the menu.  We collected close to 100 PJ’s of every size!!
  • Interact is changing its name to “Young Rotary”.   BIG NEWS: The Platte Canyon High School is starting an Young Rotary / Interact Club!  
  • Angela broke her ankle last Friday, falling on the ice!   She could use help; call her to see what she needs!
Program:  Mountain Area Imagination Library Project, 
Marianne Temple
There’s no app to replace your lap: Read to your child everyday.
Imagination Library is a joint project of our five Area 8 Rotary Clubs.  It is a project started by Dolly Parton, to pass on the gift of literacy.
It works like this: Children receive books appropriate to their age in the mail - they love the mail thing!  Each receives 60 books from infancy to age five; right now there are over 1 million books sent out every month!   The US, UK, Canada and Australia and now Ireland participate.  Children will dream more, be more,  because they have their own books.
Ninety percent of physical brain development occurs in the first three years of life.  We know that children who are read to early do better in school.  We also know that children who embed themselves in electronic devices have brains that are not properly developing.
There are thousands of Rotary Clubs that participate in Imagination Library.  Our Area 8 project enrolls local children and covers the wholesale costs and mailing for each book.  Currently we support about 250 children in this program, and our own MRC is our biggest advocate for enrolling children in the program.  The Dollywood foundation covers all overhead and admin expenses, provides database and marketing support; coordinates the Blue Ribbon Book Selections committee; coordinates monthly book orders and fulfillments.
How can each Rotarian support Imagination Library?---- “Word of Mouth”---we now have  business cards that have our Rotary logo and the information about Imagination Library.  Families can register at   The website also has many other resources for parents.  Individuals can also become a financial sponsor: there is a Rotary tax-deductible donation and sponsorship form on the website.
Children fall in love with books because of the memories created when they snuggle up and read with someone they love!!!!
Guests:  Patricia Oak, Evergreen Rotary
Rotary Club of Conifer Meeting February 26, 2019 Charlotte Wytias 2019-02-26 07:00:00Z 0
  • April 3, 5:30-8:30 pm, the five Area 8 Rotary Clubs will gather for dinner at El Rancho.  The primary purpose is for fellowship and sharing and fun.
  • June 1 the Conifer High School Interact will host Run the Ranch.  They will have a trail run and a 10K.
  • We need granola bars for the Back Packs.  Please bring to the meetings and give them to Charlotte.
  • Our St. Paddy’s Day dinner is coming: Saturday March 16 at St. Laurence Church.  Please sign up HERE to help make it successful.  Bring items for the silent auction!  
Program:  Tammy Story, Colorado State Senator, District 16
Senator Story spoke about several bills that she has proposed:
  • Transport for foster care children to ensure Districts work together to keep the children in their home school.
  • Ensure that public employees get the information they need to apply for the federal student loan forgiveness: educators, military, non-profit workers.  Only 1% of folks who are eligible are apply for this benefit.  A companion Bill will ensure that the “servicers” for loan forgiveness do not impede people from getting the loan forgiveness.  
  • Ensure that pregnant women get dental care.
  • Assist technical schools to get capital funds through a State grant process so that they can continue to grow and expand.
Questions from the Club:
  • Regarding paying for universal, full-day kindergarten:  It would cost around $230 million and the revenue source has not been identified.  Tabor and Gallagher prevent taking advantage of the State’s growing economy. 
  • Where is the marijuana money going?  The first $40 million is for capital expenditures for building/refurbishing buildings in rural Colorado; the Districts do have to have matching funds to access the money, which makes access difficult.   The balance of the marijuana dollars is for policing marijuana use and marijuana education.
  • What is the interest in the legislature for transportation/infrastructure?  The two ballot issues that were defeated in November for transportation made it difficult to allocate funds to infrastructure.
  • The revenue stream for education and transportation is limited, especially due to Tabor and Gallagher.   Our taxes are some of the lowest in the country so we have to personally invest more into services, education, infrastructure, etc.  
  • The Colorado Senate passed the National Popular Vote and it has been sent to the State House for a vote.  
Guests:  Tom Landon, Donna Kubick
We also welcomed our evening members:  Craig Kubick and Hugh Macauly
Rotary Club of Conifer Meeting February 19, 2019 Charlotte Wytias 2019-02-19 07:00:00Z 0
Thanks to Bill and Tom for providing breakfast!
  • The Rotary Table at Conifer High School Trivia night was a tremendous success last Saturday.   Our Rotary group had the Mad Hatters Tea Party and won the best table.
  • February 23 the Evergreen Rotary will have their Mardi Gras party in support of their international projects.  The tickets are $65 and include open bar and dinner.  Janine has tickets.
  • The Ice Melt tickets are available from Janine.  This is a fund-raiser for the Mountain Foothills Rotary. 
  • The District Conference is April 27 at the Arvada Center.  It is a one-day event.  Tickets are on the the District 5450 website HERE.
  • There will be a pajama party this Saturday, 6pm, to collect PJ’s for the Mountain Peace Shelter. It will be held at Pat’s home, 6pm. There will be PJ party food: make your own individual pizza.  Bring a potluck side dish and some PJs for the Mountain Peace Shelter.
  • The links for Sign up Genius are available on our Conifer Rotary Webpage for our St. Patrick’s Day Dinner-Fundraiser HERE, and for the Foothills Home, Garden and LIfestyle Show HERE.  Angela is collecting the silent auction items for the fundraiser, March 16, at St. Laurence Church.  
  • The Foothills Garden, Home and Life-style show will be coordinated by the Evergreen Rotary at the Evergreen High School, Saturday March 30 and Sunday March 31. is the website for information, business sign-ups.
  • The Area 8 clubs in District 5450, will have a social event at El Rancho, April 3rd: 5:30 Happy Hour and Dinner at 6:30.  There will be happy hour beverages with a cash bar and family-style dinner.  This will be an informal gathering of the five Clubs, and the Lt. Governor of District 5450 will speak about what is happening in the District.  The price will be in the range of $35.   The reservations need to be in by March 20.
  • The Veterans’ Rendezvous will be May 18 at Aspen Ridge Church in Marshdale. Volunteers will be needed.
  • MRC will be partnering with PCCP Resale Boutique in Bailey this coming November.  During that month, MRC volunteers will assist at the Boutique and will then receive up to 75% of the profits from sales at the Boutique.
  • Boys and Girls Club of the High Rockies (BGCHR) is adding a unit in Conifer starting next month. BGCHR will be partnering with the PCCP Resale Boutique in June and September.  The club will receive up to 75% of the Boutique profits those months.
  • The Conifer Town Hall meeting will be March 6, 7pm at West Jefferson Middle School.
Program:  Update on Mountain Resource Center
Lisa Nissley, Marketing and special events coordinator. 
 Marilyn Saltzman, President of the Board.
Some important information about our Mountain Resource Center (MRC):
  • MRC supports a 1000+ Square Mile Rural area with a population of 65,000.
  • The Mission:  strengthen our community with services that empower people.
  • What MRC does:  Basic needs assistance, Veterans support services, Parents as Teacher, Early Childhood and Family Education, Workforce, Financial Coaching, Healthy Living, Public Benefits Enrollment Assistance.
  • More than 90% of all funds go directly to programs and services.
  • All the services are available under one roof.  All services are free to the community.
  • 1,602 clients were served in 2017; there were 14,341 services provided and 1,535 referrals were given.
  • Events:  School Supply Drive, Veterans Rendezvous; Emergency preparedness event, tax preparation and aging adult clinics; Client holiday party; Roll and read literacy celebration, Messy play day; Hiring events,
  • They are starting new events to mix up and energize fund-raising.  
  • More information is available on their website:  
Rotary Club of Conifer Meeting February 12, 2019 Charlotte Wytias 2019-02-12 07:00:00Z 0
  • The St. Patrick’s Day Dinner-Fundraiser will be Saturday March 16 at St. Laurence Church.  Angela is collecting items for the silent auction.  Please volunteer at our SignUpGenius website by clicking HERE
  • Janine has the Ice-Melt tickets.  Make your guess for when the ice melts under the Mountain Foothills Club Rotary Barrel in Evergreen Lake.  You could win $1000!
  • John Wingate came to invite us all to the Evergreen Rotary Mardi Gras.  February 23, 6-9pm at the Evergreen Country Day School.  This is a fund-raiser for their international projects. Tickets are $60 per person: includes open bar, live band and food.  Janine has tickets.
  • The 5450 District Conference will be Saturday April 27, 2019 at the Arvada Events Center. Information and Tickets are on the District 5450 website, or just click HERE.
  • Suzanne and Pat are hosting a Pajama Party, February 16, 5:30 at Pat’s home.  Bring PJ’s of various sizes for women and children for the Mountain Peace Shelter.
  • We need GRANOLA BARS for the Back Packs.  Please bring to the meeting.
  • Janine needs a volunteer to help with planning the Area 8 gathering on Monday February 11 at El Rancho.   Lesley will attend.
  • The next Conifer Community Council Town Hall Meeting will be February 27, 7pm at West Jefferson Middle School. The agenda will include Planned Developments, meeting newly elected officials, Plans for the Yellow House at Meyer Ranch Park, Local Native American Sacred Trees and Places.
  • The Foothills Garden, Home and Life Style Show (formerly, Mt. Area Home and Garden Show) will be March 30, 31 at Evergreen High School.
Program:  Changes in Health Care
Charlie Shemanski, CEO Mt. Evans Hospice and Health Care
Mt. Evans covers people in Jefferson, Clear Creek, Gilpin and Park Counties.  It started as hospice 37 years ago and it has expanded to include Home Health.  45% of their patients use their Home Health Program.
Additional information:
  • They have 75 employees serving patients.
  • Palliative care is included.
  • Grief services are part of the services offered.
  • Camp Comfort assists children ages 6-12 who have lost a family member. 
The elder population in our four counties will grow from 58,000 to 118,000 by 2030; that will create a huge demand on available service facilities.  In the past, hospitals charged Medicare for all the services and supplies—Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) payment came in the 1980’s so that a single amount is paid depending on the diagnosis, age, gender and specific treatments.  It standardized reimbursement and incentivized hospitals to move patients out more quickly.
Charlie described how Medicare and Medicaid are evolving and how Mt. Evans is able to take patients with these insurances thanks to donations from the community.  No patient is turned away.
Guests:  Tom Landon, John Wingate (Evergreen Rotarian)

Rotary Club of Conifer Meeting February 5, 2019 Charlotte Wytias 2019-02-05 07:00:00Z 0
Rotary Club of Conifer
January 15, 2019
Program:  Greg Romberg, Lobbyist
What a lobbyist does and the focus in the current Legislature in Colorado
Greg started in the Department of Regulatory Reform—both for the state and then the City of Denver.  He moved into lobbying and has worked at all levels of government.
A lobbyist works as a translator, helping people understand what is happening.  Term limits in Colorado made the role of staff and lobbyists important in being the historical reporters and teaching new legislators how government works.
 Greg gave an update on the state of the Colorado legislature, reviewing the composition of the two houses and the ramifications in terms of how legislating is being managed.  
As a first focus, our new Governor is proposing full day kindergarten for the whole State.  The issue, of course, is how to pay for this project.  There is more money available this year than has been since TABOR was passed, but there are many competing interests.
The Colorado Governor does not have the power that many other Governors in the country have.  In Colorado, the Governor proposes the budget but the legislature/joint budget committee does what it wishes. 
Guests:  Lenore McCall
  • January 26, RI President will be at the Marriott South:  Dinner and polio fund-raiser
  • Presidents of Area 8 met last night.  Ice-melt tickets are available from Janine.  The tickets are $3.  This is a major fund-raiser for Mt. Foothills.
  • January is Rotary Vocational Service month.  The focus is on ethical behavior in our various vocations and following the 4-way Test. 
  • The Club is returning to the morning meetings the first, second, third and fourth Tuesdays. We will not meet the 5thTuesday and will have a social event.  
  • Trivia Night is February 9.  The Club has one table filled.  We can have a second table.  Notify Yvonne is you want to join.
  • Next week, we will be planning the St. Pat’s fund-raiser.  If you have auction items, bring them.  
  • February 23, Evergreen has its Mardi Gras party.  John Wingate will bring more information next week.  
  • Mark Rehm received his Paul Harris Fellow, plus 4!   Thanks and congratulations!
Rotary Club of Conifer meeting January 15, 2019 Charlotte Wytias 2019-01-15 07:00:00Z 0

  • The Conifer High School sponsors the Trivia Bowl fund-raiser Saturday, February 9, 5:30-9:30.. Our club will purchase a table or two; each table creates a theme and wears costumes, brings food.  Beer and wine will be available for purchase.
  • The breakfast plan for up-coming Tuesdays:  we will alternate catered and member-provided breakfasts,we will have a continental breakfast purchased via the Club by different members. There is a $50 limit for the food purchase.  Members will give their receipts to Cathy for reimbursement. Wes is passing out a sign-up for providing the breakfast food.
  • Evergreen Rotary Mardi Gras fund-raiser will be held February 23, 6-9 pm at the Country Day School.  The cost is $60 per person.
  • Our St. Patrick’s Day fund-raiser will be Saturday March 16 at St. Laurence Church.  Angela will be gathering items for the Silent Auction; all members can submit gifts/baskets as well.  Students at CHS will be creating the posters and publicity.  
  • RYLA applications will be on-line mid-February.
  • Interact Updates:
    • Fitzsimons MS donated $350 to the school in Kenya; a gate at the entrance of the school has a sign acknowledging the FMS donation!
    • West Jefferson Middle did a food drive for MRC
    • CHS:  Their Warren Miller film night raised $1200, which will provide funds for 2 Classrooms for Starfish in Guatamala.  The CHS Interactors will do trail work on the Colorado Trail this summer.
    • Soecial thanks to our Conifer Rotary Interact sponsors who inspire the kids to follow their passions in community service.
Guest:  Lenore McCall
Rotary Club of Conifer Meeting January 8, 2019 Charlotte Wytias 2019-01-08 07:00:00Z 0
  • The Rotary International President’s Dinner:  January 25 at the Denver Marriott South, price $75.  Rooms are available if you would like to spend the night.
  • State of the State presentation:  Mental Health focus; January 8 at the Marriott/Denver Tech Center.
  • Thanks to Ed for his support of the Rotary International Foundation.  He received his Paul Harris + One for his donations to the Foundation.
  • All members are getting their new RI member pin!
  • The President Elect nominee is under consideration for 2020-2021.  Please let Janine know if you have an interest in this office.  
  • The Conifer High School Warren Miller event raised $1200 which will provide two classrooms for the StarFish, education program for girls in Guatemala.
  • The Fitzsimons Interact Club and the West Jefferson Middle School did penny-wars and nickel-wars fundraisers to provide money to purchase malaria kits in Kenya.  Suzanne will count the money and report how much they raised.
  • Mark reminded members that we can provide their donation to the Conifer Rotary Foundation; get your check to Mark before the end of the year.
  • The Boys and Girls Club of the High Rockies will have a chili cook-off in Bailey, January 26. They are looking for sponsors.  
  • Melony Harris is moving her membership to the Littleton Rotary Club—we will miss her!
  • The Mountain Home and Garden Show will now be called Foothills Home, Garden and Lifestyle show.  It will be held at the Evergreen High School and the Evergreen Rotary will be in charge for 2019.  The date is March 30-31, a month earlier than in the past.
Updates to our event schedule for 2019, also available on our website calendar
  • There will not be an evening meeting on December 26th.
  • There will not be morning meetings on December 25th and January 1st.
  • Our next social gathering will be January 5, 2019, 5-8pm at Christy Cragin’s home.  The main dish will be prime rib.  Please sign up for the event and for food to share by contacting Janine.
  • The Club is returning to weekly Tuesday morning meetings.  We will have catered breakfast on the first and third Tuesdays.  The food for the second and fourth mornings is being planned:  Wes will coordinate having Club members pick up continental breakfast items for the 2/4 Tuesdays.
  • The Board meeting will be Monday January 7, 2019
  • Our next morning meeting is Tuesday January 8.  Bring a gift for our annual “white elephant gift exchange”—we will have catered breakfast.
Program:  Forensic Genealogy
Christine Cochran, Our Provenance, Ltd.
Christine Cochran joined us today to talk about making stories of peoples' history for legal purposes.  Forensic genealogy definitaion:  the application of genealogy to legal issues.  It includes land transactions; natural resources and mineral rights, probate (missing and unknown heirs), dual citizenship; repatriation of military remains (no one left behind law), unclaimed bodies, criminal investigations, adoptions, guardianships, and expert witnesses.  
The genealogist's tools include DNA analysis; family tree construction, census records, probate records, vital records (birth, marriage, death); FAN methodology (friends, associates, neighbors); precise documentation and citations and more.
Genealogists do not have credentials: buyer beware!  However, there is an organization that sets standards:  Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy.  In addition, there are these professional organizations: Genealogical Institute of Pittsburgh; National Institute for Genealogical Studies.
The term 'genealogist' does not equal 'forensic genealogist': the military requires certification. Liability insurance is necessary  for doing forensic genealogy.  Private investigators searches are for living people; forensic genealogists deal with deceased persons.
The affect of forensic genealogy for the future:  deterrent to criminals' stop serial killers, DNA can provide evidence of persons who were not originally on the “persons of interest” list', limits the number of people who are “persons of interest”, which saves money and resources.
Rotary Club of Conifer Meeting December 18, 2018 Charlotte Wytias 2018-12-18 07:00:00Z 0
  • There will be no morning meeting on New Year's Day, January 1st.
  • The State of the State, luncheon will be noon January 8, 2019 at the Marriot Denver Tech Center.  Tickets are available on the District 5450 website, click HERE to go there directly.
  • The RI Presidents dinner will be January 25, 2019.  This is a major Polio fund-raiser sponsored by District 5450.  Tickets are available on the District website
  • The Salvation Army Bell Ringing at Conifer King Soopers goes through December 24th.  Please sign up to ring the bell and encourage patrons to fill the kettle!  Click this link and go to Sign up Genius at:
  • Our next Board Meeting is 6PM December 5 at Janine’s home.
  • The Warren Miller movie "Face of Winter" will be shown 7:00PM Friday December 7 at Conifer High school, sponsored by the Interact Club at Conifer High School.  The funds raised will be used for Ted Ning's Starfish International, an organization that supports education for girls in Guatamala.
Today's meeting was a club assembly to discuss our meeting scheduling format and breakfast format for the morning meetings.  We are in a trial period, meeting in the mornings on the first and third Tuesdays of the month.  The group discussed their likes and dislikes for the schedule and President Janine will take those ideas to the Board meeting on Wednesday.  We also discussed our morning meeting breakfast expense and other options for food at the morning meeting.
Rotary Club of Conifer Meeting December 4, 2018 Lee Willis 2018-12-04 07:00:00Z 0
  • The State of the State, presented by Governor Hickenlooper, will be held January 8, 2019.  Tickets are available on the District 5450 website.
  • The RI Presidents dinner will be January 25, 2019.  This is a major Polio fund-raiser sponsored by District 5450.  Tickets are available on the District website
  • The Salvation Army Bell Ringing at Conifer King Soopers starts this Friday and goes through December 24th.  Please sign up to ring the bell and encourage patrons to fill the kettle!  Click this link and go to Sign up Genius at:
  • Our next Board Meeting is 6PM December 5 at Janine’s home.
  • The evening club will meet 5:30PM November 28 at St Laurence Church.
  • Our next club social is 6:30PM November 29th at the Stage Door Theater.  We're going to watch the dress rehearsal for "White Christmas".  A $10 donation is suggested.
  • The Conifer Christmas Parade is December 1.  Conifer High School and our Interact Club students will have a float.
  • The Warren Miller movie "Face of Winter" will be shown 7:00PM Friday December 7 at Conifer High school, sponsored by the Interact Club at Conifer High School.  The funds raised will be used for Ted Ning's Starfish International, an organization that supports education for girls in Guatamala.
  • Interact Report:
    • The Fitzsimmons Middle School Interact Club is raising money for malaria kits for Kenya.
    • The Platte Canyon High School is starting their Interact Club.  They have twelve members to date and have nominated their Board members.  They will be supporting a homeless program in Denver.
    • The Rotary Club of Conifer now sponsors FOUR Interact Clubs!
Conifer Rotary Grant Recipients, Part 2
Peace Works:  $1200. Lori Cuno, CEO of PeaceWorks, shared that last year's grant from Rotary provided needed fund-raising software.  This year the funds will go to purchase appliances for the kitchen at the The Mountain Peace Shelter. 
The Shelter is serving nearly twice the number of victims this year as last: 2200 nights of shelter. It is one of only three shelters in the State that also shelters the family pets.  Peaceworks is reaching out to the community to provide preventive education and support.  They added support groups for families, and they are providing education to schools to support healthy relationships.
The average stay for “guests” is about 2 months.  Finding permanent housing is one of the biggest issues for clients returning to the community.
Mountain Resource Center: $1500. Theresa Burns, coordinator of parenting programs told us that last year’s foundation grant went to the Nurturing Parenting Classes.  Nineteen families participated.  The class sessions start with parents and children together and then they separate into separate groups.  Nourishment is provided as part of the program.  Parenting materials are given to the families for home assignments.  The families are then eligible to access all of the services at MRC.  Goals include school readiness and reduction of child abuse.  
GUESTS:  Lori Cuno, Theresa Burns
Rotary Club of Conifer Meeting November 20, 2018 Charlotte Wytias 2018-11-20 07:00:00Z 0
  • On November 7, at 6:00 p.m., the next meeting of the board of directors will be at Janine’s house.
  • On November 9, at 8:00 a.m., the Evergreen Rotary Club will be packing soldier boxes at The Wild Game in Bergen Park.
  • On November 10, from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. at Red Rocks Community College, the District will host foundation and membership workshops. The club will pay the registration fee. If you want to go, please register online and ask for reimbursement.
  • On November 14, at 5:30 p.m, the club will hold its evening meeting. Our meeting will be followed by the Conifer Town Hall meeting at 7:00 p.m. at West Jefferson Middle School. Club members who attend the evening meeting have done a great job representing us at the Conifer Town Hall and they would love to be joined by some of those who attend the morning meetings.
  • On November 27, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., the club will have its next social, which is an evening at Stage Door Theater. We will see a dress rehearsal of White Christmas.  There is a suggested donation of $10.
  • On December 7, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m., the Conifer High School Interact club will show a Warren Miller film. They are working on getting a sponsor and hoping that JJ Madwell’s will provide catering. The money the club raises will go to Starfish to help young girls in Guatemala get an education.
  • On January 8, 2018 (this is a new date), from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., the District will host the State of the State luncheon at the Marriott Denver Tech Center. The focus will be on mental health and wellness. Molly Bloom, the keynote speaker, will discuss her own struggles with mental health and substance abuse. This event sold out last year so, if you want to attend, you should register early.
  • On January 25, District 5450 will host the RI President’s Dinner and Polio Fundraiser at the Denver Marriott South. RI President Barry Rassin will be the guest of honor. The event runs from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and costs $75.00. You can stay the night at the hotel for $99.00 per room.
  • On March 16, we will have our annual St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser at St. Laurence Episcopal Church. Tom Becker will be cooking. We need to update the tickets and flyers and get them printed before the first of the year. We also need help with silent auction donations. More details to follow.
  • Suzanne attended the Interact Conference on November 3 with a group of our Interact students. We currently have Interact Clubs at West Jefferson and Fitzsimmons Middle Schools and at Conifer High School. This Thursday will be the first meeting of the newly formed Interact Club at Platte Canyon High School. The Interact Club at Fitzsimmons Middle School received one of only two Presidential citations for overall club performance, awarded by the District. Mark Rehm has graciously agreed to sponsor Interact t-shirts again.
  • We recently had a great Day of the Dead party at Dean and Leonor’s house. Janine thanked them for hosting and told them we are all eagerly awaiting the next event there so we can celebrate the progress of their kitchen renovation.
  • While hiking in the Pike National Forest recently, Mark saw Bruce Ward. Bruce asked Mark to say to say ‘hi’ to everyone in the club.
  • Ed noticed that Conifer High School was rated #3 in the country by the Washington Post. Wes got a round of applause.
  • In a recent edition of the Canyon Courier, the newspaper ran a story about the 285 Backpack program and Mountain Backpacks  (the Evergreen Rotary backpack program).
  • The Conifer High School Interact Club is in a competition charity drive and is collecting canned food Items for MRC. If you would like to donate, please bring your donation to our next meeting.
  • Our next morning meeting is on November 20. We will award more grants to additional recipients, and bring canned goods for Conifer High School Interact!
Conifer Rotary Foundation Grant Recipients, Part 1
Today three of our 2018 Rotary Conifer Foundation grant recipients joined us to receive their grant awards.  They told us about their organizations and how they will use their grants.
Friends of Staunton State Park - Jeanie Boymel and Wayne Parkinson - $2,000
Jeanie told us the Friends of Staunton State Park provides financial support for promoting, preserving, and protecting the park. Our Rotary Conifer grant will be used in their track chair program. The program was conceived in August 2015 when Mark Madsen, a disabled person who enjoyed the outdoors tremendously, passed away. The Madsen family started the effort in 2016 by seeding a donation fund to purchase track chairs for the park. The effort produced the park’s first track chair in May 2017 and it was immediately successful. It was used on 150 hikes during the first year of the program. The Friends have since purchased two additional track chairs and have hired a track chair program manager during the hiking season to schedule hikes and recruit volunteers. The program has matured to include other necessities including backpacks, ponchos, and safety radios, and they now have a garage for the chairs. The track chair volunteers have joy sticks with which they can control the chairs for those occupants who cannot control the chairs themselves. Our club helped fund the purchase of the joysticks. The Friends have purchased gift cards to give to the top 8 track chair volunteers, one of whom has taken 30 hikes. This concept is gathering interest nationally, with state parks in Kansas, Michigan, and Oregon having adopted their own track chair program or inquired about doing so.
Our grant this year will be used to purchase ‘car seats’ to secure children and small adults safely in the track chairs. The chairs are one size fits all, and that doesn’t work for small people. Up to now, they have resorted to using pillows and foam material to secure small riders in the chairs.
In addition to telling us about the track chair program, Jeanie told us about other projects in which the Friends have been involved: the visitor’s center will open in January, complete with a stuffed mountain lion; there is rescue equipment in the park, including AEDs; and visitors to the park have participated in fun recreational and educational activities, including archery and fishing. Attendance at the Hike or Treat has tripled since its first year; weeding and preservation efforts are ongoing; and Eagle Scouts are constructing projects in the park with the help of the Friends. Jeanie encouraged all of us to join the Friends of Staunton State Park.
Stagedoor Theater - Kirsten Logan and Dean Arniotes - $1500
The Stage Door Theater mission is to make theater accessible for people of all ages and abilities, to develop skills and confidence, and to be creative in different ways. Stage Door wants the skills it teaches to last a lifetime.
The Stage Door youth program is large and growing, it includes children of all ages and abilities.  They are supported by a team of dedicated directors, choreographers, and parent volunteers (the parents help with costumes, props, etc.).
Kirsten has been with Stage Door for a year. She is proud to point out the unique strength of its program, that the children are all taught to support each other which she has not seen in other theater programs. For example, when each child auditions, the whole room erupts in applause. They all learn feel and act like they are a family.
The Stage Door program teaches children to be self-reliant and successful. It also teaches them teamwork. It encourages the children to develop lasting friendships and includes an incredible group of older kids who work with the younger ones.
This year Stage Door is performing a variety of programs to give the children the opportunity to learn different skills. It is currently rehearsing White Christmas, which teaches tap dancing and classical Broadway singing. In the spring, it will perform Rent, , which is a rock and roll program.
Stage Door will use the grant funds for student scholarships.
Platte Canyon School District - Sarah Bowman - $1,800
Sarah told us about the greenhouse that will be built at Deer Creek Elementary School. The project will have two phases: the first is a 26 foot geodesic dome greenhouse, and the second will be 6 raised garden beds with fencing to keep out the wildlife. It will be behind the school and accessible to everyone, including children in preschool. The excavation for the dome was done in July and it should be complete by next August.
The children are excited about the project, with plans to make scarecrows and garden pet rocks. The Boys and Girls Club is involved, and the school is contacting 4H, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts for help over the summer with weeding and watering. Jane Baumann, a retired engineer who works at MRC, does high altitude gardening and will help everyone, even those with a black thumb, to have green thumbs.
Fundraising started with $1,650 and is up to $16,500.
Guests: Ken Troxler (a former member of the club), Leonor McCall, Gail Sharp (Evergreen Rotary, picking up soldier box donations), Jeanie Boymel and Wayne Parkinson (Staunton State Park), Kirsten Logan and Dean Arniotes (Stagedoor Theater), and Sarah Bowman (Deer Creek Elementary School).
    Rotary Club of Conifer Meeting November 6, 2018 Marlis McAllister 2018-11-06 07:00:00Z 0

    The Four-Way Test of the things we think, say, or do:

    1. Is it the truth?
    2. Is it fair to all concerned?
    3. Will it build good will and better friendships?
    4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

    For many decades Rotary Clubs and Rotarians have used The 4-Way Test as an instrument to develop respect and understanding among peoples.

    Rotarians around the world use the 4-Way Test in business, government and schools as an effective measuring stick for conduct, a guide to right thinking. If memorized and constantly applied to relations with others, it will contribute to more effective and friendlier relationships.

    By getting into the habit of checking your thoughts, words and deeds against the 4-Way Test, experience shows that it will help you become happier and more successful.

    The Rotary Four Way Test Lee Willis 2013-02-10 07:00:00Z 0
    • January:   Rotary Awareness Month
    • February:   World Understanding Month & R.I.'s Anniversary
    • March:   Literacy Month
    • April:   Magazine Month
    • May:   Rotary Education Month
    • June:   Rotary Fellowship Month & R. I. Convention
    • July:   Transition Month * New Rotary Year Begins
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    • November:   Rotary Foundation Month
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