Rotary Evening Group
In attendance for tonight
Nancy W
Nancy L out of town
We discussed the name badges.   Janine will arrange for the logistics of the getting the old name badges and will get names for those who need one.  If you do not have one, let me know and we will get the information on to Janine.
Happy dollars
Volunteers for the Community Service Committee.  Charlotte is getting the committee staffed and has two members from the morning and two from the evening groups
Christy Cragin recognition for backpack and all that she does
                Food bank at the airport and always goes to pick up the supplies
Most inspirational to Jessie
Sergeant at Arms 
Sets up all the morning meetings
Rotary donation to CCC
Charlotte, Pat, Suzanne and Melony
Presentation on RI conference
People from all over the world
25,600 at conference
RI website yesterday and came on the address from the RI President gave
                Standing with John Hughco.  "Kind of liked that YouTube video of flash mob symphony playing Beethoven's Ode to Joy."
Playing together everything is just transformed   have come from all the corners of the rotary world
Polio first project from RI
Bill Gates donating 2 for 1.  450 million need to be vaccinated every year
Melanie discussed the African administration of polio vaccine    overcoming superstition and belief that offers sterilization  
Pat local meetings for international have been of benefit.   Procession of flags like the Olympics big map as to where the counties are.   brought  brochure of all the meetings and choosing the session to attend     friendship hall   like an airplane hangar with every country in the world represented there    list of exhibitors  over 300 vendors    Princess Anne from great Britain  3 prime ministers  Laura Bush  Justin Trudeau  spoke on gender equality
25,000 people can’t be wrong in trying to stop polio   very friendly group of folks
Melony talked about the projects that are being done all over the world.  Opportunity to find other clubs at the convention who have similar interests and join efforts  
Next meeting in Hamburg, Germany  1st to 5th of June, 2019
Pack food for backpacks after evening meeting
590 cases ordered
Nancy took care of sign up genius 
All slots are filled
All money to go into the foundation   all fundraising will go into foundation
Advertising in paper for RYLA  $1800 for two pages.   $900 for one page.  Discussed the club donation to buy the page    
Next meeting at the Conifer High School for RYLA participation