Updates and Announcements
285 Backpack Project Request: A lot of food was raised through the Home and Garden show -  8 bins with additional full bags, and over a dozen bags of food also raised for MRC. The community outreach was amazing!  To sign up to volunteer, go to: ​​https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040c48afa823aa8-back
Rotary Scholarships: We’ve awarded five candidates from Conifer HS, and one from Platte Canyon each getting a $1,000 scholarship. There were some amazing candidates and everyone did a great job!
Boys and Girls Club: Roses are still for sale, they’re really beautiful and only $2 a piece. Mother’s day, thinking of someone you love, Easter, or any occasion you can think of - they’re great gifts that last forever. You can purchase anytime by going to https://bgchr.co/?page_id=76 or by asking Arana.
Home and Garden Show: Thank you to everyone who showed up and helped out with a successful event. Overall the vendors were very happy, there were so many Conifer Rotarians there staffing booths for other nonprofits and helping to volunteer for running the event. We should net somewhere around $27k shared between the two clubs. Big thank you to Janine for everything she did to make this all happen, we are very grateful!
Area 8 Social: Thank you to Yvonne, the social was a big success and everyone had a great time. Thank you for your efforts to help organize a successful event!
Looking out to Next Year: Diana has talked to a whole bunch of Rotarians so far, she wants to get a feel for who you are and why you’re here. Her goal is to connect with everyone in the club. 
Room Setup Sergeant at Arms: We need someone to sign up to set up the room in May. If you’re interested, you’ll just need to be at the MRC by 7:20. Let Amanda know if you can help out. 
Peacebuilding Committee: Is helping to mentor and sponsor refugees from Ukraine. Three people have signed up to help out with this, but would love to have five people. If you have interest let Stan know, he’ll be doing some outreach to find some additional mentors and sponsors. 

Upcoming Events:
Evening Meetings: The next evening meeting is on Wednesday April 27th  at 5:30 PM at Our Lady of the Pine Catholic Church.
District Conference: April 29th at the Hangar at Stanley Marketplace. 
Cinco de Mayo Auction: May 5th at the Snowpack Taproom
ConiferFest: Saturday August 13th at Our Lady of the Pine Catholic Church

Meeting Program: Kerry (Kerrigan) Clough - Climate Change and Relationship to Violent Weather Events
  • Kerry was here not long ago to talk about the Biden admin and their environmental plans. Today he will be presenting information about climate change.
  • The science of climate change: it’s real and is man caused. Strictly a function of the sun's incoming rays, the energy that gets here. 
  • There are natural cycles that dictate the amount of energy earth gets from the sun, naturally we were supposed to be going into  a cooling phase. The warming we’re experiencing now is not caused by any natural cycles.
  • Gasses are changing the wavelength for the light rays in a way that they don’t bounce back out and instead are absorbed.
  • Consequences of climate change: More energy in the atmosphere, more weather phenomena, and more changes in oceans happen. 
  • More wildfires bigger and more frequent, big storms, floods, sea level rise, human displacement, less rain in needed places, food shortages
  • Good news: solar electric costs have gone down 85% in the last decade, and wind down 55%. The transportation industry is increasing the production of electric vehicles, and agriculture practices are improving. 
  • Diana was talking with Dean and other members about a book she recommends on the topic: Saving Us: A Climate Scientist's Case for Hope and Healing in a Divided World by Katharine Hayhoe