• The Club Training Workshop organized by the District will be Saturday September 21st.  Click here for more information:
  • The social calendar is complete for the coming year and Yvonne will be sending it out via email soon.
  • 6 PM Wednesday, September 11, the RYLA students will make a presentation at Mountain Resource Center. 
  • Peaches are coming Friday August 23rd.  We have sold over $7000 of peaches.  The Sign Up Genius for passing out peaches will be posted soon, please sign up.  
  •  The Conifer Rotary Foundation will be presenting The Conifer Mountain Music Festival: Rock to Country on August 15, 2020 at Beaver Ranch.  Please volunteer to help with planning, contact Wes.  The next planning meeting will be August 27th at 8 AM, after the morning Club meeting.
Program:  The Youth Of Rotary: “Young Rotarians”
Cheryl O’Brien and Lee Mulberry, 
District 5450 leaders of the Youth Programs Initiatives
There are currently 51 Interact Clubs in the District with nearly a dozen more being organized.  Cheryl complimented Conifer Rotary for sponsoring four Interact Clubs, a remarkable accomplishment for our small club.  The District Interact Conference will be held November 2, 2019.  A save the date will be coming with information about the Conference.  Last year Interact students requested a means to stay connected. Cheryl created a Zoom conference so Interactors can stay in contact online.
Our District has the honor of establishing the first elementary school Interact Club in all of Rotary.  It is at an elementary school in Parker.  The students chose saving excess cafeteria food to give to a local pantry and for weekend backpack programs.   They even convinced the middle school Interact Club to join their program!
Lee Mulberry is the District Chair for Youth Programs.  He is very happy with Interact programs in our District and working to get more college students involved in Rotaract. He also described some of the magic of the RYLA programs.  Our District is very active with RYLA and we now have a RYLA Plus program for handicapped children.
The Rotary Youth Exchange of District 5450 sponsors 19 kids out and 19 kids in.  Currently there are only a dozen clubs in the District that are participating. He encouraged our club to rejoin this program.
The Conifer Rotary Foundation
Wes led the group in nominations for the three vacating members of our Conifer Rotary Foundation.  We received four nominations: Joyce Snapp, Pat Hagan, Ruth Moore and Wes Paxton.  We are having a secret online ballot which closes Sunday night, to determine which three of the four nominees will join our Rotary Foundation for this coming year.
Guest:  Morti Longsdorf