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Guests:  Salesa Hancock
Program: Scott Brown, from Golden Rotary Club
Behavioral Investing:  The Surprising Necessity of Biases
Our awareness of our biases can help us: to deal with positive and negative aspects of our life.  Being aware is not difficult, but it can be life-changing. Bias are short-cuts, a function of the right-brain, to get to answers more quickly.
Scott talked about right/left brain functions and used “Rain Man” as an example of two brothers who used the two different sides of the brain.  He brought up the CNN/Fox News as an example of bias that he explained that their biases are not what we “think”.
Over-confidence bias, planning bias, availability bias, illusion of control are all documented biases. There are over 200 biases that have been studied.
Most people are OVER confident of their financial status—and are wrong.  A negative financial shock increases mortality by 50%!  STRESSFUL!
Bias can be good:  it can save your life.
Bias can be disastrous:  Immediacy bias can cause major mistakes.  The Tenerife air disaster in March 1977 that killed 583 people is a good example.
Here are Scott's slides from his presentation: