• District Conference is April 24, 25.  Reservations are on line at the District 5450 Website.
  • Area 8 Social, April 8 at El Rancho.  Lesley is taking reservations at $25.  All five Mountain Rotary Clubs will be partying!
  • Let’s Talk—re-learning to communicate respectfully:  Golden Rotary March 14, 8-4:30 at Red Rocks College.  Go on the Rotary District 5450 website for tickets: $80
  • Fund-raiser for an oven at Small Home, Kenya, is completed on-line via Facebook.  Total $1500 was raised.  This will allow them to bake goods for sale for raising money for Small Home. More information about Small Home is:
  • Trash Pickup:  May 2 and Sept 12 will be community-wide trash pick-up days.  Doing this twice a year will allow Rotary Conifer to have a road sign on our road. Put these dates on your calendar.
  • Marlis attended the PETS training last weekend.  She extolled the training for all the information that was given and how much better she feels prepared to be our President next year.  Our 2021 theme is Rotary Opens Opportunities.
  • The Sign up Genius is up for the St. Patrick’s Day party March 14.  Please sign up to help!  Lee Willis sent the sign up via email.  
  • The evening group will now meet at Our Lady of the Pines Catholic Church on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 5:30.
Program:  Erin LaCount, Education Coordinator, Dinosaur Ridge, Golden Colorado
Salacious in the Cretaceous: Dino Sex 
The Jurassic Museum of Asturias, has a display of two T-Rex in copulation position, an artistic rendition. Birds and Dinosaurs are genetically related, so recognizing the mating habits of the birds gives us an idea of how dinosaurs may have had sex.  Birds have a wide variety of mating habits and artists provide renditions of how the dinosaurs may have mated.
Brachiosaurus Altithorax is a Colorado Dinosaur---40 feet tall and 80 feet long weighing 56 tons—with a very long neck.  The theory is that they would have needed a large body of water for buoyancy to engage in sex. It was covered with spikes/plates... probably made procreation interesting.
Guests:  Salesa  Hancock, Graci  and Senna (Rotary Exchange students from Conifer High School going to Croatia)