• Scholarships:  Dean, Pat and Suzanne (Marlis and Ruth) interviewed 12 students with one more today.  We have $5200 available for scholarships this year.  Because of our limited funds, we will offer 6 scholarships, three each at the two high schools at $1000 each.  We need $800 to fulfill our scholarships obligation.  Please help make up the difference.  Donate to the Foundation via the website, or send a check to the club PO Box.  Let Suzanne know if you plan to donate.   
  • Lesley researched setting up a blood donation drive.  She reports that Vitalant Blood Bank is interested but we must have commitments for at least 30 people to donate, and we have to provide a place.  Marlis will help advertise for donors when Lesley has a date and place determined.  Lesley will reach out to Evergreen Rotary for additional participants.
  • Leonor reports we have delivered 2200 masks!  Their primary focus is for nursing homes and assisted living facilities.  If community members need a mask, they can request via Rotary and arrange delivery.  Recipients of masks can make a donation to the Conifer Rotary Foundation or the Mountain Resource Center.
  • District 5450 has tentatively rescheduled the district conference for 29 Aug (one day).  Go/no-go decision will be forth coming.
  • If you won anything in the silent auction please be sure to pay for the item(s).  The website Donation button works for this purpose, use the Note entry to describe what you are paying for.  Any questions, ask Janine.
  • The District is asking for donations of old smart phones to augment efforts of Rotarians for Mental Health, which is being funded through a Rotary Disaster Recovery grant.  The phones would enable real-time mental health sessions with providers, for people that otherwise would not have access.
  • Next week's meeting:
    • Let's talk about fundraising
    • Open mic -- if you have a short presentation you'd like to make about Rotary or community efforts, or general interest, please let Ed and me know.  This is a good opportunity to keep us all in the loop.
Meet Salesa Hancock
She grew up on a farm in Poppyville Kansas, on the Kansas/Oklahoma border.  The farm was homesteaded at the beginning of the Homestead Act in the 1800s.  Her dad started farming it in the 1970’s.  She started her career in agriculture in 4H.  All their vacations were “sheep” shows.  She and her sisters started a company that bred sheep for other 4H kids.  She received agricultural scholarships for college at Kansas State where she graduated with a degree in Agriculture-Economics.
She started her career as a trader of agricultural products and marketing products for farmers.  She ended up with Cargill supporting farmers and building relationships between farmers and Cargill.
She met her husband, a chemical engineer who also worked in the agricultural business.  They were transferred to North Carolina right after their wedding, bought a house under construction and spent the first three months of their marriage in a hotel!  In North Carolina they had a daughter, Grace.  Later they were transferred to Nebraska and then had a son, Landon.  Both children are in the Conifer schools.  When the children were 3 years old and 18 months, they were transferred to Hamburg, Germany for three years.  Then it was Utah when they returned from Germany.  After four years, they moved to Colorado with her husband’s job.
She has been a 4H advisor all her life; has participated in Jr. Achievement; and she’s been active in PTA.  She looks forward to being active in Rotary.
Welcome, Salesa!
Program:  History Colorado and the On-line Connection
Bethany Williams, Collections Access Coordinator
The History Colorado Society was established in 1879.  It is the State History Preservation organization.  There are nine Museums and Historic Sites across the State.
The best way to get to know the organization is their website, at  It is filled with exhibits that are fun and interactive, with many images and videos.  The website includes many additional experiences:
  • Exhibits
  • Power points presentations
  • Online lectures (they are free, but donations accepted)
  • Story time for kids and adults
  • Crafts
  • Archeology and preservation webinars
  • Colorado’s Most Significant Artifacts page.
  • Biographies of Notable Coloradans.
  • Podcasts
  • UTube channel (recipes, doing oral histories, Chicano Murals)
  • SoundCloud—oral histories.  There is   One page is . 
History Colorado’s Collection has history, people, places, things and events---everything from a seed stone to a steam tractor; these are found in research catalogues, which include an online collection available for download. 
History Colorado's Stephen H. Hart Research Center is the portal to the collection of historical items.  The center is open to the public, after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, Tuesday thru Saturday 10am-4pm.  They have a service connection to Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection that includes newspaper collections from around the State.  They also have the National and State Register of Listed Properties.   Following the links on all these pages gives much more detail and history. 
There is a Membership available which offers many benefits. 
Guest:  Earlene Smith (Salesa’s Mother who is also a Rotarian)