Upcoming Events:
Bill Graf: August 21 JOY International Barefoot Walk. His presentation is available: https://rotaryconifer.org/downloads 
ConiferFest: This Saturday, August 21st - The signup genius for ConiferFest has gone out and we really need everyone to sign up.  Please take a look at this today if you haven’t yet, we need everyone in the club to be there so we can make it a success!
Club Meetings: August has 5 Tuesdays this month, so we will NOT have our weekly meeting on Tuesday, August 31.
Rotary Day at the Rockies: Sunday, September 26 at 1:10pm, Rockies vs. San Francisco Giants. Tickets: $28 each and a portion of ticket sales will be donated to End Polio Now
9Health Fair: October 16th - Charlotte needs 2-3 volunteers to help organize it this year-please reach out to her directly about this if you can help. First meeting, next Tuesday evening at the firehouse at Crow Hill. More information to come!
Shelterbox: Some may remember that Britt Woodrum was climbing all 54 fourteeners in Colorado with a Shelterbox on her back to raise money for Shelterbox, a disaster relief charity.  The shelter boxes are filled with a variety of life-sustaining equipment.  
This week’s earthquake in Haiti has displaced thousands of people, and Shelterbox is asking for donations.  If anyone would like to contribute to this cause, we will have a link to their website in this week’s bulletin.
Peach Sales: Orders are still being tallied. They will be delivered on the 28th - Angela will need some help that day. So far everything is going smoothly! If anyone else has Peach Orders, please bring it to Angela ASAP. 
Backpack Project: Team met with Shelly at MRC yesterday. MRC has offered to partner with us because we have a min number of families needed to get free food from the food bank so by partnering we may have a large enough order to take advantage of that. If we do have this, we’ll be able to get more fresh produce, meat, eggs, and milk which will expand the menu quite a bit.
Diana: Inbound exchange student coming to CHS that needs a cell phone sponsor, if anyone is interested send an email to Diana and let her know. This would be paying for the monthly service, we have cell phones already.

Meeting Program: Brooke Chesnut: Why Does 2021 Begin the “Culture First Decade”?
  • Brooke Chesnut has invested 38 years building successful corporate teams in Sales and Leadership, combined with climbing the highest peaks around the world.  Drawing from these experiences, Brooke inspires executives, leaders, and professionals to improve their leadership skills, overcome adversity, and grow their organizations in today’s competitive environment.
  • Whether climbing Everest or trying to make an impact with Rotary, or in business, one thing to remember is that it is not about the destination, but the journey.
  • Journey vs destination: can take teams to new levels that have never been achieved before.
  • SHRM made a statement in July 2019 that there are so many companies with “toxic culture” and it’s killing our productivity as a nation going forward. 
  • Toxic culture is when a series of ignored behaviors by management that eventually turns into toxicity. When a company lacks leadership, it can breed an unhealthy environment that leads to the detriment of an organization while negatively affecting employees personally.
  • Roderic Yapp - speaker, entrepreneur, and author wrote an article about top six characteristics that define a toxic leader: autocratic, competitive (overly), discriminatory, intimidating, manipulative, narcissistic.
  • Culture will determine whether strategy is successful: Great teams empower great culture and great culture will empower great teams in return. 
  • What drives culture? The three core drivers are:
    •  Leadership, if you are a leader you need to become the best listener ever.
    • Journeys - get new people in organizations and take them on a journey to impact and experience the culture as opposed to the goal. 
    • Purpose - organization needs to have an outside the company purpose
  • A culture of growth, rather than a culture obsessed with performance, is ideal. Performance obsessed cultures can become too limiting where you’re either succeeding or failing. Growth culture is a culture of consistent and continuous improvement.