Updates and Announcements:
ConiferFest: Last weekend everyone had a great time at Conifer Fest!
We made approximately $5000 in profit. Everyone had fun and we are grateful to our sponsors, the bands, and our vendors. Thank you all for your help! The date for next year’s event will be announced soon.
Peach Sales: 387 cases sold online so far! This Saturday is the pickup in Aspen park. 
Upcoming Events:
August has 5 Tuesdays this month, so we will NOT have our weekly meeting on Tuesday, August 31.  Instead, we will have a social at Janine Payton’s house on Saturday starting around 5pm.
Webinars: Sign up at rotary5450.org
Mental Health Seminars:
  • Caring for the Caregivers: Thursday, September 30 6-7:30 (presented by Mt. Evans)
  • Teen Crisis: Thursday, October 14 6-7:30 (presented by Resilience1220)
  • Grief and Loss: Thursday, November 4 6-7:30 (presented by Resilience1220)
Charlotte: 9Health Fair October 16
Charlotte needs 2-3 volunteers to help organize it this year-please reach out to her directly about this if you can help

Meeting Program: Lacy Robinson, Virtual Presidential Gravesite Tour
  • Lacy Robinson joined us this morning. She is a consultant and specialist in the funeral industry. Lacy took us on the “Virtual Presidential Gravesite Tour.” It was a fascinating journey of the final moments, fun trivia, and resting places of our nation’s leaders: Washington, Jefferson, Monroe, Tyler, Polk, Buchanan, Lincoln, McKinley, and Teddy Roosevelt.
Meeting Guests: John Nichols, fellow Rotarian, joined us as a guest this morning. Welcome!