• The District 5450 Conference will be virtual this Saturday, August 29. The 2021 will be Saturday May 8, a Day of Service. The District suggests we coordinate with other Clubs. Be thinking of a project that we could do that day.
  • There is a Virtual luncheon with RI President, Holger Knaack, (TBD). The cost will be $28 ($25 goes to Polio). There will be a representative from The Gates Foundation as a guest speaker. The registration will be available after the District Conference.
  • We had a social event last Sunday: burgers, corn, watermelon, and many side dishes. It was a lovely afternoon. Thanks to Tom and Lesley for coordinating the meal.
  • Angela gave an update on what happened to the peach sale...very sad. She is sending thank you’s to folks who are donating their peach money. Ed reports that he has over $400 that has been donated by purchasers.
  • Wes reports that he will be meeting with people this week to discuss the prospect of a future Conifer Fest. The big concern is being able to get sponsors if we request of them so soon. He will have an update for the meeting this Thursday.
  • The 9 Health Fair is on track for October 17, 8am-1pm. It will be held at the gym at Platte Canyon High School. The space will allow for social distancing. Everyone must wear a mask. Protective gear and hand sanitizer will be provided. Folks will sign up for specific times for their blood draw/flu shots—probably like a sign up genius. The route inside will allow one way in and one way out of the building. The only other station being considered is: Covid Survival Skills---dealing with stress; this will include information on community resources.Rotary will be in charge of the registration tables (most folks will have registered on-line; walk-ins will fill out their registration at a separate table, which Rotary will serve). We may have other volunteer options as well---more to come.
  • Leonor participated in a Jeffco Health Dept. session and learned that we have a 3.74 positivity rate. The state is watching the cases every two weeks, and if drops, restrictions will be modified. Jeffco has a new testing site at Mile High Church in 720-431-2161, for information and reservation.
  • The VFW is doing hybrid meetings. Do we want to consider doing that?
  • The Back Pack Project is underway. Fitzsimmons Middle School in Bailey has several families that have reached out even before the letters of invitation were sent. We will have to modify our processes, since we cannot be in the schools to prepare the bags. And we haven’t determined how the bags will be distributed to kids who are not in-person learning. A work in progress!!
  • There is still discussion about how the Conifer Library will open. Wes will keep the Club up to date.


Program: Deb Gulbrandson
Osteoporosis Update/Preventive Measures
Deb has been a physical therapist for nearly 30 years. She focuses on osteoporosis and teaches about how to treat patients with osteoporosis.
One in 2 women and 1 in 4 men over 50 will have an osteoporosis fracture in their life. 20% of people with hip fracture will die in a year.
Normal bones have small holes; in osteoporosis, the holes are larger. The quality of the bone is also important. Bones have “building and breaking down” of bone tissue all the time. When we are young, the building is faster, but with older folks, the breaking down is faster than building.
The information below not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through this web site is for general information purposes only.
The spine, hip and wrist are the most vulnerable for osteoporosis. There are modifying factors: alcohol, smoking, over or under exercising; poor nutrition, folks with lactose intolerance. Sunshine is also a factor, including too much sunscreen; we need 20 minutes of direct sun. Some meds: corticosteroids, cancer drugs inhibit absorption of calcium. Diet: avoid empty calories and soda pop (phosphorus leaches calcium). Look for high content calcium in foods. Vit D with calcium as a supplement (these can interact with Rx, so report to your doctor). Each person metabolizes food differently, so a nutritionist guidance would be important.
Dexascan is the gold standard to determine bone density. A prediction for fracture: FRAX-this website will help you determine risk.
The big risk for spinal fracture relates to the frontal part of the spine. Extension exercises has a 16% re-fracture rate. Flexion exercise 89% re-fracture rate! STRENTHEN YOU BACK MUSCLE—do decompression: lie flat on your back on the floor with knees bent, arms at your side—simple exercise!! It opens the front of the spine to stimulate new bone formation. Do it once or twice a day.
Work on alignment and posture: move to the edge of chair, feet flat and press feet down into the floor---hold and then relax your feet, straighten back; sit like this for 5 minutes every hour. This strengthens the back muscles.
Two types of exercise: weight bearing (change angles—like a soccer player to increase bone density---to “wake up the bones”) and weight resistance. Dancing, TaiChi (also helps with balance). Resistance, using weights , bands, use the body and gravity.
Stand tall; foot press to lengthen the body. Imagine a string on the top of your head. Stand on one leg—15 seconds if 65+ or 30 seconds for under 65. Change sides. Ankle wobble is part of the strengthening; keep hips and torso straight. The next step will be to close your eyes and stand on one foot. Stand on a folded blanket to improve balance and improve bone density.



Guest: Bill Baylor, Ann Kecher, Arana Hagan, Cathy Donahue