• Angela reports that she has ordered 320 cases, to be delivered to Aspen Park Saturday August 15. We have 281 paid orders. She also ordered 25 cases of pears; they may sell for $5/bag or $25/case (a group will meet with Angela tonight to discuss pricing). There will be letter going out to let purchasers know when the fruit is to arrive. A final message will go out two days prior to August 15. Lenore will be posting on our Facebook page to let the community know we have more to sell and that we will also have the pears. We need folks to volunteer to hand out the peaches; Lee will set up a Sign up Genius.
  • Wes reports on the Conifer Festival: We have sold 50 tickets. Price is now $75. We still need Rotarians to help. Go to Sign Up Genius. Wear a mask. Hand sanitizer and gloves will be available. Amanda will be the MC. She needs input about the acts and the sponsors. We have Blue Grass/Americana/and Cars tribute as well as the Conifer High School student musicians.
  • Registration is open for the District Conference, to be held virtually August 29: $22. $20 goes to End Polio and the donations will be double matched by Gates Foundation. Go to the District website to sign up.

  • We had thank you’s from schools, Parmalee and Elk Creek Elementary Schools, who received our masks. They expressed deep gratitude.

  • Angela reported that the Back Pack Project received two donations: $4100 in the mail this week.

Program: Patrick Griswold, RN
Wellness and Self Care in the Time of Covid
  • People all have leaking of our energy and well-being during Covid. During stress, we experience fight, flight or freeze. All of these can be un-healthy. Covid creates a constant stress.
  • Stress creates responses that have short term and long-term ramifications. The stress hormones can cause many physical changes that can bring about illness and mental distress.
  • There are many ways that we can address the effects of stress. We need to address our physical self (exercise and nutrition), creative self (cognition and emotion), the coping self (leisure, self worth), the social self (friendships) and the essential self (our spirituality, our essence).
  • When we start new activities, they may seem awkward, until we do them more regularly. Take the self-care challenge: each day determine to do something new, different, self-caring. make a list of goals for the summer
           Daily ideas could be:
           drink 15 liters of water
           help someone
           listen to a podcast
           do something you enjoy
           create a bucket list
           30 minute nature walks
           have a no complaint day
           make a list of who you need to forgive…..create your own list
  • We need to think about what we are learning in this Covid time, what is important to keep and what to let go.