Upcoming Events:
  • Elevation Celebration: Elevation Run/Walk 7:15 am on Saturday, June 24th. Fee is $35 for adults and you can do the 10K, 5K, or 2 mile race. 
  • Webinar: Mindfulness and Empathetic Action August 5th, 630pm via Zoom. Sign up at 
  • ConiferFest: August 21 - Foundation meeting immediately followed this meeting for continued planning. Another planning meeting is scheduled for Monday July 26th at 9AM - Wes sent out a Zoom link. 
  • Membership Summit: August 21 - If anyone doesn’t plan to attend ConiferFest and would prefer to do this, the signup is on the district’s website
  • Rotary Day at the Rockies: Sunday, September 26 at 1:10pm Rockies vs. San Francisco Giants. If anyone wants to coordinate a group of us going together, please feel free to do so. Tickets: $28 each. A portion of ticket sales will be donated to End Polio Now.
Lee: Sent invoices around the 1st of July, he’ll be resending some because he realized he may have had some issues with his email getting out.
Rotary Social: Thank you to Amanda and Jonathan for hosting this. Attendance was great and many people brought guests. If anyone has photos, send them to Amanda. An Elk even made an appearance! 
Charlotte: Thanks to Bambi and Pat for helping Leslie this week covering 285 Backpacks. This is the 4th Thursday, so the truck is coming into Pine Junction and she needs help with unloading the truck and getting food to the pantry.
9News Health Fair: We were asked to do another this fall october 16th! 2-3 folks are needed to sign up to form a committee with Charlotte for planning so if you have interest, let her know. Because we won’t have as many covid restrictions, we should be able to do a lot more this year in terms of screenings and services.
Intermountain Humane Society: Sent a thank you note for the generous donation from rotary. 
Leonor: Mi Casa - Leonor started working there a couple of months ago. It’s a resource center serving women and low income minorities in the Denver Area. Tomorrow they’ll be featured by Kyle Clark at 6pm for the micro-giving campaign, he’ll be posting the number to text to donate to Mi Casa. They would appreciate our support!
Meeting Program: Nandita Bajaj - Overpopulation
  • World Population Balance:
    • Vision and Mission - envision a future where our human footprint is in balance with all life on earth, enabling all species to thrive.
    • Mission to educate about the impacts of overpopulation. 
  • Nandita gave an informative presentation on how the earth’s population has spiked in the last 200 years due to advances in technology and the effects of overpopulation on the planet. 
  • For more information about this topic and the World Population Balance organization, please visit: 
Guests: Bob Loeffler, Frank Sims, and Suzanne Koczon (new member at Evergreen). Welcome!