Upcoming Events:
Bill Graf: August 21 JOY International Barefoot Walk. His presentation is available: https://rotaryconifer.org/downloads 
Webinar: Mindfulness and Empathetic Action
August 5th, 630pm via Zoom
Sign up at rotary5450.org
ConiferFest: August 21
Foundation meeting next Tuesday, August 3
Rotary Day at the Rockies: Sunday, September 26 at 1:10pm
Rockies vs. San Francisco Giants
Tickets: $28 each
A portion of ticket sales will be donated to End Polio Now
9Health Fair - October 16th 
Elevation Celebration: Denise and the Evergreen club did great work to educate the community! Wildfire awareness is something that is so important and there is a lot of knowledge and information to share. 
Peach Sales: Last day to get orders in is August 15th! 
Charlotte: 9 Health Fair Saturday, October 16th -  First meeting, next Tuesday evening at the firehouse at Crow Hill. More information to come!

Meeting Program: Dan Bursch: International Space Station
  • Captain Dan Bursch gave a fascinating presentation on his experience as an astronaut and what it was like to be in space aboard the international space station.
  • He had four spaceflights, including a long-duration stay aboard the International Space Station which set a record for the longest duration spaceflight at that time. 
  • Captain Bursch shared the ins and outs of space walking (floating), space suits, views from up high, and what it is like to be in space!
Guests: Sara Gardner, Bill Graf, Frank Sims - welcome!