• Face Masks: Leonor has reported 7,490 have been completed. The stockpile for the schools is nearly done. We have not received a request for the middle and high schools. 
  • Wes reported that a message will go out today from the Jeffco schools about the middle and high school projections for fall semester plan in the age of COVID19.
  • There will be a meeting of the ConiferFest planning team Thursday at 6pm. Wes sent a link via email yesterday. Leonor got posters out, and Janine  posted on FaceBook. 
  • There were 46 people who attended Amanda’s presentation last night on Job Search. A couple of people reported that it was excellent.  The second session will be tonight. She has created a recording which she will make available to participants and the Club members. She received $135 in donations for the Club. Thank you, Amanda!!
  • Marlis shared some information about what some other Rotary Clubs around the country are doing in response to COVID19. Several Clubs are creating face shields via 3D. Conifer High school STEM is also creating face-shields.


Program: Mark Spiroff of Conifer Radio

He and his wife have been Conifer residents for 17 years. He retired from human resources and wanted to start a radio program, but has moved to creating the Conifer Radio.

The mission: A voice for the Conifer Colorado and US Highway 285 Corridor Communities. Vision: to become the leading audible channel connecting and serving the community in real-time.

What is “community radio”?

A “service model” or an “access model” (which will involvement participation of the audience---his primary model)

Two Chambers have stepped forward to be Founding Supporters. He met with them to determine what was important to them for our 285 Corridor community.

There will be additional “great neighbors” in the area: Fairplay to Evergreen and SW Jeffco.

This Radio is modeled after CPR/NPR. The focus will be on the US Highway 285 corridor. It will be funded by underwriters. There will be “old School Alternative Classic Rock” initially, with minimal interruptions.

Where do I find Conifer Radio? Internet/broadband live links from website: When the FCC allows low-powered stations again, Conifer Radio may apply.

He wants Conifer Radio to have positivity and be nonpolitical. It is to highlight, celebrate and focus on the stories, the impressive people and the good works of people in our communities.

Upcoming events as the station grows:

  • Top of the 5pm hour: local musical artists and recordings of local groups

  • Coffee on the Corridor---conversations, people to people in the community

  • The Grateful Dead-head and friends hour

  • Saturday morning Swap-Meet flea market

  • Conifer podcast—featuring the stories of Conifer Radio’s founding supporters, initially.

All of this depends on Underwriters;

  • Underwriting is a classy form of promoting “us” (he will need 20 more underwriters)

  • Underwriters will be regularly featured and promoted

  • This supports a break-even business plan, designed for a future non-profit organization

  • There is a sub-level for non-profit support that is currently free; for profit businesses will pay $40/week.

  • He plans that there will be no whiny, irritating non-stop fundraising broadcasts

The Future:

  • Include High School students, producing their own shows

  • Radio shows by local, fun, positive personalities

  • Possible broadcasts by local folks and boosters of high school sports

  • Launching additional internet-streaming station for Park County

  • See the community have fun with this!!

  • The website will have a listing of programming starting in August.

Should you want to know more about being an Underwriter or participate as artists:

Conifer Radio produced by:
Hudson Ross Associates, LLC
Mark Spiroff, Consulting principal

Guests: Denise Onyskiw