• Put the Rotary Day Rotary Day at the Rockies Sunday September 26 on your calendar.

  • The District 5450 Natural Disaster Committee is determining how to distribute funds for Colorado wildfires---also, the District is still gathering funds to help our neighbors!  

  • Steve from Castle Rock Rotary needs gently used phones, laptops and tablets to go to Africa. 

  • Time magazine Kid of the Year is a Lone Tree, Colorado student. There will be a Zoom presentation for her induction. She works on solving the issue of removing lead from water. Time's First Kid of the Year Zoom presentation to Gitanjali Rao, student at STEM School Highlands Ranch: RSVP to

  • Totes for Hope: The Food Bank of the Rockies is offering area back pack projects the opportunity to get their food at no charge. Charlotte has sent our application.  If approved, a month’s worth of food with a varied menu for the weeks in the month would be available for pick-up (the representative thought that our food could be brought to our Pine Junction site).  

  • Spring Break Back Pack update:  Charlotte and Lesley met with Katie, a member of St. Laurence Church, who will be coordinating the boxes of food for Spring Break.  We pulled a full week’s menu into the back room of the pantry for ease in getting it to the church; they plan to fill the boxes (which Katie’s mother-in-law is purchasing the boxes for the food). A letter will be going out in the back packs this week requesting family preference for where to pick up their box: their school, the church, the Lifebridge pantry in Bailey or home-delivery by high school interactors.  

  • Update on our St. Pat’s fundraisers:  Posters are being distributed in the community this week.  Leonor has sent the announcement and posters via social media FB, Neighborhoods and to our area principals.  Sharon T. is placing it in “Our Mountain Town” and suggested we use Conifer Radio.  Leonor will send the posters via email for us all to distribute to our families and friends.  Yvonne suggested getting it to teachers directly so they could set up teams to participate.  

  • Suzanne reports that Platte Canyon Chamber has asked for Rotary help for Carnival Alley at Bailey Day June 19.  We would coordinate a carnival row that would provide games and fun things to do, all done with and for promotion of local not-for-profits.  Conifer Rotary could also have a booth to promote all of the things that our Club promotes and supports in the community, as well as our up-coming fund-raisers  The Conifer Interact has done the Carnivals at Children’s Hospital, so we have a number of games in our shed we could use.  

  • Diana reports on Youth Exchange:  The orientation for out-bound students was held two weeks ago.  Rotary International will determine by mid-March if the exchange program will be a go.  If the Exchange goes forward, Boulder will need families to take two students.  Our Club has the opportunity to assist in hosting.  Cathy Taylor needs a helper to be the Youth Exchange Officer to coordinate the student experience and to be an emergency back-up home: Janine has volunteered. The whole Club will make a commitment to assist with student activities and to support the host families. 

  • Following up on the 12-Step program that Arana did two weeks ago, Dual reports that he has found an app on-line, “Al-anon Families”.  There are virtual meetings all day long on the site in lieu of face-to-face meetings.

  • Immunization update:  many of the pharmacies are having extra doses of COVID vaccines at the end of their clinics; so even if you don’t have an appointment, there may be doses available.  

We will be inducting a new member next week.  Welcome Stanley Harsha!


Guests: Stanley Harsha