• President Dean sent a copy of the club By-Laws draft to all club members.  Please review for discussion in two weeks.  Please send ideas/comments to Dean, Ruth or Marlis.  The Board reviewed them last evening with a few minor changes.  We will vote on them in a couple of weeks.
  • Update on our caterer Irene:  The Board decided to make partial payments to her.  Dean is working with her to determine what is appropriate.
  • We need a President Elect Nominee, for July 2021-June 2022.  If you would like to take this role or want to nominate a member, please contact Dean.  The caveat from Dean is that this Club runs itself; it’s the easiest leadership job he’s ever had J so don’t be afraid to jump in!
  • District 5450 will match up to $1500 in COVID-19 donations from Clubs.  We are going to donate $1500 from our club treasury to MRC, which will be matched by the District.
  • If anyone wants to donate, go to our Rotary Conifer web site, there is a button where donations or dues can be paid via our PayPal account.
  • The St. Patrick’s Day Dinner silent auction items will be saved for our next event.
  • Fitzsimons students raised $260 for Polio Plus.  Suzanne and Dean are adding to the donation and the total amount will be sent to RI.  Thank you to our Interact students, Suzanne and Dean!
  • The Foothills Home, Garden and Lifestyle Show will not happen this weekend.  There is continuing discussion about whether to postpone or cancel.  Some of the vendors have asked for refunds.  Some are waiting to participate in a future show.
  • The April 8th Area 8 Social at El Rancho is cancelled for COVID-19 concerns.
From our members:
  • Carol Carper reports that Kenya is in the early stages of their COVID19 epidemic.  Residents are social distancing by requirement of the government, police are enforcing.  Carol reviewed how the farmers are doing and how they are trying to keep their farms working.  The German government is subsidizing the farmers.  There is a strong commitment to keeping the farmers working; people need food.  Carol shared the work that the Conifer Rotary monies have provided, with the special focus on serving people with disabilities and training personnel working with them.  Rotarians are always welcome to visit once the virus is under control; she has extra beds, so visitors only have travel expenses.  COVID-19 airfare prices have increased to $4000 for a one-way ticket to the US, it is normally less than $500.  So she’s not traveling here any time soon.  She has a good internet connection and welcomes all emails.
  • Joyce:  Doing well, enjoying the quiet time.  She’s found that pre-order and delivery for groceries seems like a good idea.
  • Gil:  Their business is shut down.  They took a drive the other day to relieve cabin fever.
  • Lee:  He introduced his blind dog Bella, who was sitting on his lap.  He and Cara continue their room painting and Cara completed her presentation for next week’s meeting on the Dark Web.  Lee promises that it will be a very interesting program.
  • Lenore:  She has been sewing masks—they have delivered over 200 to Mt. Evans and Elk Creek Senior Living Center.  She intends to keep sewing; the need will continue.  CDC now recommends that everyone wear a mask when they are out and about.  The cloth masks are not totally safe, but will help reduce transmission of the virus.  Lenore will send patterns to everyone, hoping to add more sew-ers.
  • Tom:  He and Fran are making take-out meals for their Castles and Kitchens business.  Otherwise, he and Joyce are staying home.
  • Finn:  Spending on-line time with friends over-seas.  He reports that Monday morning is a good time to go to the grocery.  He’s been cleaning…and drinking beerJ
  • Nancy: She’s getting bored after two weeks.  She is available to purchase food for backpacks.  Thanks! CW
  • Angela: She’s seeing a limited number of clients and is not accepting new clients.  She spreads appointments out so that she has time to disinfect the whole shop between clients.  Tony has been out for short walks.  In Rotary news, she reports that Bill Taylor is back in town and interested in re-joining the Club.  She has not heard from Hugh.  Amy is doing well; their home construction continues and she’s going back to her job at school this week.
  • Marlis:  She is out of quarantine and is healthy.  She’s working on the to-dos around the house, reading and knitting.
  • Diana:  Zoom is cool!  Her youngest daughter helped her figure it out.  She goes out hiking with her dog-who is not happy with all the extra activity and the required brushing afterward.  She has a grandson who has Crohns Disease and must to be isolated; he is doing ok.
  • Lesley:  Her kids are home and won’t let her go out in public.  She has been helping set up the back pack food for the kids, J  Thanks, Les!!!  CW
  • Yvonne:  She says the COVID-19 Stay at Home order is an introvert’s dream come true!  She’s been watching Outlander and playing with the dogs.  She has her famous chicken soup available for anyone who requests.
  • Ed:  His kids are more in contact than they’ve ever been!  Mary is busy sewing masks.  Some of the golf courses are open and he hopes to take advantage.  The courses are set up so there is no contact with employees and the course itself is set up so you don’t touch anything!  Today’s the day J
  • Morti:  On-line schooling is starting for Sarah; Morti is principal and teacher.  Hopefully her husband will be in charge next week.  Sarah is doing better with isolation; she is ‘Zooming’ with all their family members.  Morti is working 12-18 hours a day for Kaiser.  The numbers of patients with COVID-19 is jumping, but a lot of patients are now getting discharged.
  • Bambi:  She has been on lock down with her parents.  They did get her mother moved to a facility that is managing her Alzheimers well.  Her dad misses her mom, but there is less difficulty in having conversations and he is feeing free-er. 
  • Dual:  The family is doing well.  They are being school teachers.  The dogs are enjoying frequent walks.  He and his wife are having difficulty keeping up with their real work!
  • Charlotte: Mostly staying home except when getting back pack food ready and distributed.  Many of the families have not picked up their bags; so she is working on another plan to be sure they get the food for kids.  Mountain Back Packs is distributing little boxes (mostly snack-type foods, ready to prepare soups, and mac and cheese) at local businesses.  The plan is for families to pick them up on their own schedules.  She will see what happens this week to decide if they need to find a different way to distribute.  Last week they took all the bags not picked up in Bailey to the two local pantries, who were grateful to get the extra food.  She will keep the Club appraised about changes and what they need for the kids.
Stay Well, Everyone!!!!