• Janine reports that Don is recovering well, the best to both of you!
  • Peaches report: Angela will update us next week on the availability of peaches for this year's sale.  She will be talking with Brian at Nolan Farms.  His blossoms survived the frost, however he is having trouble finding workers to pick fruit and has many challenges with regard to housing workers.
  • Mask report:  Leonor reports that her group has delivered 3101 masks!  That is over $31,000 donations at $10 each - way to go!  They could use more fabric, especially more masculine prints.
  • Update on a possible music concert with the Symphony; they could provide a string quartet.  The big issue is social distancing.  Maybe we could spread out groups of 10.  Or maybe we could do a zoom concert?  Tennyson House in Denver made $165,000 last week.  Dean has been looking into various virtual venues.  Nancy will check with other venues that the symphony could access. 
  • Back Pack update:  Next Wednesday will be the last back pack distribution.  A message about the local pantries that families can access during the summer will be in those back packs.  Charlotte sent a message to the school staff who have been coordinating with students and their families:  if they are unable to get to the pantries, we want to figure out a way to help get food to them over the summer.
  • Angela announced Conifer Area Council proposed an on-line meeting for Monday, May 25 ( that is Memorial Day---they may change the date) re-zoning for 180 units on 47 acres south of Safeway.  Please join, this is important for our water, fire protection and traffic congestion.
  • Dual shared the origin of his name:  when he was born his father was protesting government taxation.  His father wanted Dual to remain anonymous to protect him from taxation.  His name for his birth certificate was his father's name, and 'the second'.  When he was two years old, his mother gave him his birth certificate name: Dual, = second.  As it turns out, he does pay taxes.
Program:  Wes Paxton
Remote Learning and Going Forward with Conifer High School
Wes is the Principal of Conifer High School.  He started his talk by saying that nothing has prepared us for what we are experiencing right now!  After March 12, the last day of in-class learning, his staff accomplished the amazing feat of creating a remote learning system for their students... Over the weekend - and began remote learning the next Monday, March 16!
Fortunately, from the bond issue passed this last year, all freshmen received Chromebooks to use.  That has been updated to provide Chromebooks to all students who need them for remote learning.  WiFi hotspots have been set around the community for families who don’t have access to internet at home.  The students had already started using the “virtual” media for their regular learning, so this process was not unfamiliar.
The school uses a teaching format called asynchronous learning---engagement vs. seat time.  The learning is available all day, depending on the student’s availability for engagement.  Teachers post their assignments on-line, students then log in for teacher contact and learning videos, (AP resources for seniors).  The learning model lets students join the class any time during the day.  Unfortunately, this limits one on one interaction between students and teachers.  Students have projects to demonstrate their learning.
Other adjustments caused by the school facilities being closed:
  • All sports and activities were cancelled for the Spring semester, a disappointment for the school athletes.  Conifer High School has a robust athletic program that was sorely missed this Spring.  In addition, new tennis courts, track and field facilities, and baseball field with real turf were not able to be used.
  • SAT/PSAT were cancelled.
  • School Accountability is on hold.
  • Evaluations of staff are on hold.
  • The college Advanced Placements Assessments/test.  The tests are being offered this week, it is a one to one free response essential questions in a 45 minute time frame.
  • The school changed grading guidelines to address the change in the learning environment.
  • Staff will be developing adapted interventions for future learning.
Going Forward:  changes are being issued from the District literally daily.  Next fall and perhaps forever going forward there will be a shift to a hybrid learning model.  There will be reduced numbers of students each day for in person contact.  Social distancing and masks will be required. 
The high school campus will re-open August 1st.  There will be no athletic practices/activities at the school until then.
The drop in revenue to the State will reduce funding for schools.  Employees will be losing some income/or may lose positions. 
Student enrollment appears to be increasing.  Some private school students will be returning to the public school system. 
How has everyone adapted?  It is hard not to have face-to-face interaction.  Collaboration is difficult.  Productive struggles are more difficult to evaluate.  The special needs students are having a difficult time.
It appears that technology and asynchronous learning will become the norm; along with tech and face to face balancing.
Families at home are experiencing many more challenges---how to help parents?
Conifer High School Seniors:
  • End of year events have been postponed….hopefully finding dates later in the summer.  They will be working with the public health department to determine how that will work.
  • There will be a Senior Parade 2PM Saturday May 16th on the Conifer High School campus---everyone in cars.  There will be music, teacher sharing, announcements, etc.
  • Commencement is planned for Friday, August 7th at 5pm on the athletic field---more details to come.
  • Other events could be designed based on the Governor’s guidance. 
The construction project will be starting in the next week.  The new addition is expected to be completed January 1, 2021.   All the construction set-up will be on the east side of the school. 
There is no set plan on whether school will start on campus in September.