Updates and Announcements
Evening Meetings: The next evening meeting will be next Wednesday, October 13 at Our Lady of the Pines Catholic Church.
Next Foundation Board Meeting: Wednesday, October 26th at 9:00 a.m.-this was previously scheduled for the 6th, but it was pushed back a couple of weeks.
New President Elect: Diana Phelps! We’re very excited to have her as our next President.
New Member Induction: Sara Gardener is now officially inducted as a member of the Conifer Rotary Club, welcome! 
Presentation of the Scott Metcalf Award: The Scott Metcalf award was awarded to Leonor for the Mask Project. In acceptance, Leonor shared these words with the club:
I want to share the  Scott Metcalf Award and this moment with Mary and Amanda and the 23 women who sewed tirelessly from March to December of last year for what became the Face Mask Project. You were from our Club and community and together we learned to make and fit different types of masks, over 10,300 of them, to protect those we knew and strangers of all ages who needed our help.
Masks even came from 2 sewers on both coasts of Australia! And our friends found and donated cotton fabric, elastic, thread, and t-shirts when stores were closed and inventory was scarce. A woman in NY gave us the fabric she had bought for her wedding when it was postponed. Thanks to those who gave their sewing machines and sergers to the project, who delivered masks when we were afraid to go out, and those who cut stacks of masks for us to craft.
Together, we sewed a lot, empowered each other, and made new friends. We took our Rotarian spirit to the task and we served together. I am proud to share our accomplishment and spirit. Thank you!
Thank you to Leonor and everyone else who put in all of the hard work to make this critical project a success!
Upcoming Events:
Webinars: Sign up at rotary5450.org
Mental Health Seminars
  • Teen Crisis: Thursday, October 14 6-7:30 (presented by Resilience1220)
  • Grief and Loss: Thursday, November 4 6-7:30 (presented by Resilience1220)
10th Annual Witches’ Tea (Peaceworks fundraiser): Friday, October 8 from 5-7pm at Blue Mountain Kitchens. Tickets are on a donation basis but they will be having a silent auction, prizes for costumes, and games.
9News Health Fair: October 16th at Platte Canyon High School
World Polio Day: Is October 24th, click here to watch RI President Shekhar discuss 2021 World Polio Day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EC0jPzIdBTA

Meeting Program: Lacy Robinson - Digital Legacy
  • Lacy Robinson joined us again as guest speaker, this time to share a presentation with the club on planning for your digital legacy.
  • Digital estate planning is the process of organizing your digital property and assets and making arrangements for what should happen to that property after your death. 
  • Colorado is a state that has adopted the Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Access Act.
  • Digital legacy planning is important because it relieves caregivers and/or next of kin of added stress, provides additional peace of mind, prevents the estate from going to probate court for years, and protects the decedent's identity. 
  • There are four easy steps you can take:
    • Take inventory of all digital assets
    • Decide where the digital assets should go
    • Appoint a digital executor/fiduciary 
    • Secure the digital estate plan as legally binding 
  • Additional resources:
    • Everplans.com 
    • Goodtrust.com 
    • Epilogg.com 
    • Tinetag.com
    • Legacybox.com
    • Legacyletter.com