District 5450 has set May 7-8, 2021 for the District Conference. The registration will be on the District website---there is a link on our Conifer Rotary Website.

The Rotary International President’s virtual gathering will be November 1, 2020, 12-1pm: $28 ($25 to Polio Plus), Speaker from Gates Foundation. The registration will be on the District Website.

Marlis gave a positive report on the District Zoom Conference. She thinks there is a recording for folks who couldn’t attend.

A volunteer opportunity for Conifer Rotarians: Metro Caring food bank gets food in bulk which needs to be broken into family size. I-70 and Colorado Blvd. We could sign up for one day or more. There are age restrictions for participants, including age over 65 and co-morbidity making folks more vulnerable to COVID. Contact Lesley if you are interested in participating.

There is a new RI policy for Child Safety for people working with kids. Our Club has to sign off on this policy in order to work with kids. Marlis will send it out to everyone working with kids.

This month, the Board meeting will zoom on Monday, Sept 14 (Marlis will be going to their son’s wedding on the 3rd Monday). All members are invited to attend.

District 5450 website: Marlis recommends we check it periodically to see what is happening, see webinars, registration for conferences, etc.

Area 8 Presidents’ meeting: Bob Kemp reports that we have $45,000 DDF (District Designated Funds) that we can apply for. It requires matching funds from our Club. We will brainstorm possible projects we’d like to fund.

Members can attend zoom meetings of other clubs! It’s a good way to see how other Clubs’ meetings are run and how they do their gatherings and fund-raising.

The Conifer Music Festival #2 will not be held this fall.

Carol Carper requests help for feminine products for young girls in her area of Kenya. Leonor will set up a fund-raiser via our Conifer Rotary Foundation Facebook on-line—via “Helping Girls”. Carol reports that the teen pregnancy rate has gone up 250% with COVID and kids just being home with nothing to do. Carol’s organization will give 400 girls packages with basic feminine needs. She is also setting up education for girls and adults about their bodies, about menstruation and sexuality and sexually transmitted disease. In Kenya, women with HIV are creating the “sanitary pads”, which is a source of income for them. The funds we raise can support these local businesses. We will set up several means for getting the word out via social media.

New Member Induction. ARANA HAGAN Welcome.


Program: Amanda Weedman

The Conifer Festival Slide Show


Guests: Carol Carper, Arana Hagan, Bill Taylor