Updates and Announcements:
9 Health Fair, Saturday October 16 at Platte Canyon High School: Open for signups to volunteer: 9health365.org.  In the next day or so Charlotte will be adding some jobs. You get a 20% discount if you get lab work done that day. We will contact Conifer Radio to help get the word out. Covid and Flu vaccines will be available.
Center for the Arts Evergreen: They had their summerfest where Rotary was present, with Ed Mary and Pat Hagan. Rotary tents were rented from the foundation. Successful event where Rotary was mentioned many times over.
Upcoming Events:
Webinars: Sign up at rotary5450.org
Mental Health Seminars:
  • Caring for the Caregivers: Thursday, September 30 6-7:30 (presented by Mt. Evans)
  • Teen Crisis: Thursday, October 14 6-7:30 (presented by Resilience1220)
  • Grief and Loss: Thursday, November 4 6-7:30 (presented by Resilience1220)
Charlotte: 9Health Fair October 16
Meeting Program: Joe Roos - Hide in Plain Sight: Breaking Homelessness & Poverty through Education
  • Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, Joe has been married for 43 years and has 4 kids and now 2 grand kids. He’s had three careers; the first with the IBM Corp. for nearly 17 years in upstate NY.  The second, since 1995, in the non-profit world in several executive management positions.  The third career began in February of 2015 as he founded and is currently the Executive Director for Hide In Plain Sight. 
  • Hide in Plain Sight  provides scholarships for At Opportunity students. HIghlands Ranch had over 900 homeless students in one of the wealthiest counties. Inspired by service above self, Joe decided to start the organization and apply his learnings from his corporate experience to provide scholarships to break homelessness and poverty cycles.
  • Through their work, they found these students had now:
    • Regular fixed or adequate place to live
    • They were couch surfing
    • 50% stuffer from domestic violence
    • Primary cause of homelessness was single income family (death, job loss, accident)
  • An Average scholarship of $3673 went to over 30 students last year
  • Some of the funds go towards tuition, but a lot of this goes to living expenses, food, etc. 
  • They’ve had a 92% success rate, with 116 graduated and many still enrolled from over the past 5 years.
  • For every $1 spend on high quality education, society gains $11.30 in social economic returns
  • To Hide in Plain Sight: ROI stands for Resilient Overachieving Individuals and this what the organization sets out to achieve in all of their students.
  • To learn more, please visit: https://hideplainsight.org/