Program:  Barry Schwartz
The Middle East
Our own Barry Schwartz told the story of his trip to the Middle East.  He described it as the crossroads of the world, and the most dangerous region of the world.
Barry and his wife made an Adventure Travel trip, which took them to three countries, Jordan Egypt and Israel.  It is the only company doing this trip after the Arab Spring.  Our State Department requires that US citizens be protected, which meant having armed guards in all places they traveled.
Their route followed that of Moses to the Red Sea in Jordan and Israel.  They visited several sites in Egypt as well.  The area of Mesopotamia was the Fertile Crescent, the cradle of civilization:  scientific, literary, religious, and engineering.  Now this area is barren of all of these, however it was the center of civilization for over 3000 years.  Barry shared a time-line video that showed the change of cultures that governed the region.  They got to visit homes to learn about the lives of those who live there.  The photos he shared highlighted the landscapes and cities in the three countries.  Barry included many history lessons in the presentation.  Thanks, Barry!!!  Great program.
Guests:  Carol Carper (Evergreen Rotary), Santiago (Montessori School)
  • 7 pm Wednesday is Conifer Council at West Jefferson Middle School
  • Saturday September 29 is the Taste of Italy, a benefit for the Mountain Peace Shelter
  • Homecoming at Conifer High School is Saturday Sept 29.  They need chaperones.
  • Last Wednesday the RYLA and Young RYLA students presented their experiences from this summer’s camps.  They were very grateful to Rotary for the experience.  The Conifer High School Interact students presented a check for $350 for Polio eradication.   
  • Last Saturday, our Club painted three bathrooms and cleaned up the grounds of the Mountain Peace Shelter. 
  • Janine and Finn attended the District Club training event on Saturday.  She will be participating in the District Public Relations committee—with a little help from her son.
  • Our next social event will be October 6:  a Hay Ride at Hugh Macaulay’s ranch.
  • October 16, the District Governor will attend our breakfast meeting to present the District’s Vision.
  • See the current issue of the Rotarian.  It features an article about our former member Bruce Ward as he starts a new conservation organization!
  • The Platte Canyon HS has a staff person volunteering to sponsor their new Interact Club.
Happy Dollars!
Rotary Club of Conifer Meeting September 18, 2018 Charlotte Wytias 2018-09-18 06:00:00Z 0
Education in the age of technology: The West Jefferson Elementary Approach
Wendy Woodland
Our own Wendy Woodland talked to us today about literacy education in her school.  How do we define Literacy? It has changed since our Rotarians were in school.  Literacy evaluation used to be focused on “fact/recall”.  The Common Core program moved away from basic fact/recall questions.  Now students have to read several sources and draw conclusions from evidence they read about.  Students have to write about their understandings that led to conclusions.
Literacy skills are necessary to compete in the global marketplace:  critical thinking (not regurgitation), communication, collaboration, understanding, and analyzing.  Students must learn how to evaluate, determine what is factual and valid.  Teachers evaluate the students’ processes for finding and evaluating  the materials they read.  They are encouraged by questions from the teacher to test their own thinking processes.  Some of the elementary classes are reading Esperanza Rising and the UN Declaration of Human Rights:  they are recognizing and evaluating abuses in the story with regard to the Declaration.
To evaluate literacy, there are benchmarks at each level of education starting in kindergarten.  All the reading/evaluation is done on computer now.  So the children have to learn computer skills to participate.  Common assessments nationwide came about when Governors met to create basic success in learning, so that children across the country have common skills and knowledge.   Evaluation is performance based and includes students evaluating one another’s work as well in addition to teachers.  These processes encourage communication between students.  The students also are learning respect for different perspectives.  
Reading at home, even if it is an adult reading to the child, significantly helps their ability to read.  Let the children read what they want to read to encourage their reading skills.  West Jefferson Elementary invites Rotarians to read in the school.
  • The Peach Sale brought media attention in the 285 Hustler and the Canyon Courier
  • The Rotary Peak hike with the exchange students will be this Sunday at 8:30 am.  Meet at the top of Loveland Pass for this 1.5 mile hike.  Car pool, because parking is limited.
  • The Membership Committee will meet Wednesday at 5:30 at Charles’ home.  Anyone interested in membership issues and plans, please come.
  • Marlis sent an invitation to the Club to participate in the building of a Habitat of Humanity home in S. Evergreen. Please contact her if you can help.
  • The District Club Training will occur Saturday, Sept 15. Register on the District website. Tuition can be paid by the Club.
  • Saturday, Sept 15 the Club will do a work project at the Peace Shelter.  There will be a BBQ at 5pm at Suzanne’s for all Club members.  More details will be sent via email.
  • The RYLA and Young RYLA students will present their experiences at Conifer High School at 6pm.  Pizza will be provided.  This will be in conjunction with the folks from the evening Rotary group. The evening group will be preparing Back Pack food at St. Laurence Church at 5pm prior to the RYLA presentation.
  • Finn is now the Area 8 Assistant Governor.  Congratulations!  
  • The tail-gate social event last Friday was a great success and Conifer HS won the football game.
  • Janine's Board will meet the first Wednesday evening each month. The next meeting will be October 3, 6pm at Janine’s home.
Guests:  From West Jefferson Elementary School:
Holly Wagner, Librarian and digital Teacher and Justine Creel, Instructional Coach
Jesse and Marlis won the drawing--- a package of cookies
Rotary Club of Conifer Meeting September 4, 2018 Charlotte Wytias 2018-09-04 06:00:00Z 0
Program:  Platte Canyon School District 
Mike Schmidt, Interim Superintendent, High School Principal and Football Coach
Mike Schmidt joined us to talk about our local Platte Canyon school district, an important part of our local Rotary community focus.  Mike started his career as a math teacher and coach 20 years ago.  He has been a principal for 12 years.  When the previous superintendent left last year, he applied for and was selected to be the interim superintendent to provide some continuity.  He is enjoying outreaching to the other schools in the District.
He sees the District as a service organization and he to strengthen the cultural to focus on the students.  They have 150 staff members, all of whom he knows and he sees his role as supporting staff in the endeavor.  The first Platte Canyon football game will be this Thursday!  He loves directly working with the players.
Because of its size, the school district can provide individually focused education for the students.  He knows the importance of helping students understand the importance of what the curriculum offers---and making the curriculum relevant to the interests and talents of the students. 
Teacher shortage is an issue for his school district; qualifications of teachers; and salaries for teachers.  Mike recognizes the need to create an environment that attracts good teachers.
  • The peach sale was very successful:  $8000+ Thanks all for the teamwork. Thanks to Angela for her dedication to this fund-raiser!
  • The Back Pack Project started last week!  Last Wednesday, the evening group got the food ready for the back pack, which they will do prior to their meetings starting in September.
  • The Club Board meeting will be tomorrow evening at Janine’s at 6:00pm.  All Rotarians are welcome.
  • Tom Becker reports that we are having a “tail-gater” at the Well at Bradford Junction for happy hour at 5:30pm this Friday.   We will then go to Conifer High School for the football game against Woodland Park at 7 pm. 
  • The Community Service Committee met last week before the evening group meeting.  Projects they are considering:
    • Nancy Woodson—removing plastic straws in our local restaurants
    • Marlis McAllister—Habitat for Humanity home building in S. Evergreen and trail maintenance
    • Support the recycle project sponsored by Evergreen Rotary, Saturday, September 22
    • Charlotte will send a report and a request from members to provide input on projects you would like to engage in.  
  • Wednesday, September 12, the RYLA kids will be presenting about their experiences at Conifer High School.  There will be refreshments.
  • Saturday, September 15, 7:30 am, The District 5450 orientation/education training will be held at Front Range Community College.
  • Saturday, September 15, Rotary will  have a workday at the Mountain Peace Shelter in Bailey.  More details to come.  There will be a BBQ at Suzanne’s after the event for all Rotarians.
  • Saturday, September 29, PeaceWorks is holding Taste of Italy at Glen Isle in Bailey. Tickets are available on line…  Angela is collecting items for the silent auction.  
  • The Mountain Area Garden and Home Show Committee presented a check for our share of the proceeds: $16,250!!!
50/50:  Happy Dollars
Rotary Club of Conifer Meeting August 28, 2018 Charlotte Wytias 2018-08-28 06:00:00Z 0
Program:  Club Assembly
  • September 15: The Club will do a work day at The Mountain Peace Shelter.  More information to come.  There will be a BBQ at Suzanne’s after.
  • This Friday is pick up peaches day.  If you are volunteering, wear the Rotary t-shirt
  • Back Pack starts this week.  The evening group will help set up the food for this week.
  • Friday August 31 will be this month’s social event.  We will gather at the Well at Bradford Junction for happy hour, then a tail-gate party at Conifer High School by 7:30 to see the football game against Woodland Park.  Come at 5:30pm to the Well.
  • There is a District 5450 Club information training program, Sept 15.  There are a number of breakout sessions that will teach about many aspects of Rotary.  It will be held at Front Range Community College.  The price is $25 and includes breakfast.  The Club will assist with tuition—speak to Janine.  For more information and to sign up, go to the District website by clicking HERE.
  • President Janine recognized Jesse McKean for his dedication to the opening process for our meetings.  She is inviting other members to take turns helping.  Please sign up!
Marble Raffle:  Bill McLaughlin
Rotary Club of Conifer Meeting August 21, 2018 Charlotte Wytias 2018-08-21 06:00:00Z 0
Program:  Kenya in the Eyes of the Conifer Interact Club
The students from the Conifer Interact Club joined Carol Carper at the Sasa Harambe project in Kenya where she has devoted herself to improve the lives of the local people.  Their activities during their visit included:
  • To fund and build a playground for children with handicaps, prepared the playground area area and built it.  Students from the St. Anthony Uluthe secondary school students worked on this project with our Interact visitors.  
  • To repair “chair tricycles” for handicapped children to give them mobility.
  • They helped paint the equipment at the “small home”.—a home for children with disabilities where they can attend school so that their parents didn’t have to worry about them.
  • They worked with mentors at the secondary school, St. Anthony Uluthe, where they spent time with the students and attended some classes.
  • They played soccer with the students….our kids were not as good but the Kenyan children let them win anyway.  A fun note: the soccer field was “mowed” by a resident cow.
  • They had a field trip with the Uluthe students to Lake Victoria—a first for the Kenyan students, who do not get trips away from their home school.
  • They visited a Sasa Harambe farm where sustainable agriculture is used to teach other farmers successful farming techniques.  They saw the process the farmers are using to grow and cultivate hay for sale for cattle feed.  The farmers are taught to plant grass around cornfields to prevent insects from getting to the corn.
  • They visited a baby home, where they cared for and played with orphan infants and small children.
  • They visited a dispensary/clinic where they observed and helped with the various types of care.  In that area of Kenya, one in four adults is infected with HIV, although malaria is the major killer.
  • They also got to out into the community to test people for malaria. Medication is not easily obtained due to government corruption and misappropriation.
Some interesting observations:
  • Nearly everyone speaks three languages:  their native language, English and Swahili.
  • The Kenyan students were very interested and committed to their education.  They all wear uniforms, which are expensive for families.  Education is compulsory up to eighth grade.
  • Secondary students represent only 6% of the total student population, because secondary education is very expensive.  Families engaged in the Sasa Harambe farming do have enough money to send their children to school.   
Guests: Carol Carper, Evergreen Rotary
  • The peach orders are complete!  The Sign Up Genius will be up soon for the distribution of the purchased peaches on Friday August 24th.
  • The Club will try a new meeting schedule September through November.  Morning meetings will be on the first and third Tuesdays, 7am, at the Mountain Resource Center.  Evening meetings will continue on the second and fourth Wednesday evenings, 5:30 pm at St. Laurence Episcopal Church.
  • September 15th is a busy day!!!  The District training workshop will be in Denver; speak to Janine if you can attend this event that is required for Clubs to get District grants. Also, the Club will have a workday at the Mountain Peace Shelter in Bailey.
  • Lee received a Most Inspirational Member Award for his work on the Club website.  Thanks, LEE!!!!
  • The Back Pack Project starts next week!  The first load of food from Food Bank of the Rockies comes via semi truck to Pine Junction next Thursday at 10 a.m.  Thanks to Marlis and Dean for volunteering to transport to the pantry at St. Laurence Church. Volunteers will be preparing the bags of food for the kids next Thursday afternoon at Deer Creek Elementary (2:30 pm) and Elk Creek Elementary (2:00 pm).  
Rotary Club of Conifer Meeting August 14, 2018 Charlotte Wytias 2018-08-14 06:00:00Z 0
Program: Lee Willis
Airline Travel:  What you don’t know….
Our own Lee Willis provided us with a behind the scenes view of the intricate rules and procedures that make airline travel safe.
Lee described airline safety as a system with three very important parts:
  1. Systems and Rules—FAA; European Aviation Safety Agency; International Civil Aviation Organization.
These are organizations that are critical to airline safety.  They provide structure for airline management and safe navigation;  Rules and procedures are developed from lessons learned.
  1. All airline personnel receive extensive training regardless where they are in the system: aircraft maintenance, operations/command center, airport personnel, flight crew.
  2. Aircraft:  engineering design, manufacturing processes, inspections, testing.
  1. Pilot pre-flight preparation:  check weather and airport conditions; check for special procedures; logbook discrepancies, maintenance inspections and procedures and all back-up systems; preflight inspection of the aircraft exterior, cockpit and aircraft interior inspected by flight attendants.
  2. Airport and weather conditions: hazardous weather, icing; airport congestion, construction; departure and enroute changes and required fuel for those changes
  3. Procedures include flows and scripted callouts; below 10,000 feet, there is only essential talk
  4. Passenger issues:  drunk passengers are removed from the plane; inflight medical issues; out of control passengers
Bottom line: Air travel is far safer than auto travel.  The US Census Bureau data shows that a person's chances of dying in an auto accident is 1 in 102, while the chances of dying in an aircraft accident are 1 in 205,552!
Guests: Carol Carper, Evergreen Rotary
  • We are starting a marble drawing fund-raiser.  If you travel, bring a small gift for a drawing. First, if you haven’t already, be sure to purchase marble draw tickets, 1 for a dollar or 3 for $2.  When members travel they bring back a small item for the drawing- if your number is drawn you can choose the sure thing item or choose to try to get the white marble that is in this cup among 50 blue marbles.  If the white marble is drawn you win the 50/50 pot- if not that blue marble is removed and the pot is added to next week.  
  • Rotary Peak had trail maintenance on August 4. Rotary Peak Opportunities- hiking with the inbound exchange students on Sunday Sept. 9th.They would also love to have Rotarians volunteer as trail stewards particularly on weekend mornings. If you are interested contact Rick Clark - or 303.880.6447  or Jim Brook - or 970.409.8995
  • Peach orders are due by August 13;  Sign up Genius for staffing the sale will be up soon.  We will work 9-6 in two hour increments.
  • Next Monday, the District will provide a webinar on Club Training.If you are interested in learning about what it takes to get us money from the district grant process there is a webinar scheduled for August 13th from 5-7pm. You can do it right from your own home or office- no need to drive down the hill and it is free.  We will need one member to either attend this webinar or the training at Red Rocks College in January. 
  • Back Pack Project starts August 23!  There are a number of ways that Rotarians can help.  We organize each week's food on Tuesday mornings following this meeting and will have some members of the evening group do that on the weeks we don’t meet. On Thursday afternoons we take the food from the pantry to both Elk Creek and Deer Creek Elementary schools and pack the bags. We can also use help when we get deliveries from the food bank- usually on the 4th Thursday of the month in the morning, a good size vehicle is a plus for this. Please talk to Charlotte if you want to be included in this very rewarding activity.
  • The plans for starting the 2018-19 Rotary Coupon Book planning starts this evening at 5:30 at Wes’ home.
  • In September we will begin a three month trial of a new meeting schedule.  We will hold morning meetings on the first and third Tuesday mornings at MRC at 7 a.m. and evening meetings will continue on the second and fourth Wednesday evenings at St. Laurence Church at 5:30pm.
  • The Roll and Read/Imagination Library event August 4 was successful.
  • Our Club was recognized in the Canyon Courier for our tree-planting near Deckers and by Mt. Evans Home Care and Hospice for our donation to them.
Rotary Club of Conifer meeting August 7, 2018 Charlotte Wytias 2018-08-07 06:00:00Z 0
The Club will NOT meet next Tuesday
We will gather at Staunton State Park Sunday July 29 10am-2pm
Program:  Marci Radin
A Traveler’s Perspective on India
Marci Radin joined us to talk about her volunteer experiences with the Shadhika charity in India.  Several years ago she was introduced to Shadhika  by a physician colleague whose parents started this organization to support education and empowerment for girls in India,  They invite donors to visit India to observe the program's successes.  Marci was so inspired by her visit to India that she returned, again and again.
Her second trip was as volunteer teaching English as a second language and basic computer skills.  She even retired from her job to make additional three-month journeys to volunteer as a teacher.  
There are over three million NGOs in India that provide services that the government lacks.  She is connected to two organizations in Kolkata, India that support education and employment preparation: Shadhika  and Uddami ( is an organization that provides education, English, computers and work skills and job readiness.  The school is available to poor students, for no charge. 
Marci shared photos and stories about the programs and the people who are part of her life in Kolkata. She plans to return again in December for three months.  
Guests: Mindy and Jenna Audlin from Evergreen Rotary; Joan Phillips, friend of Marci Radin
  • Next week President Janine will start a new 50/50 process.  Watch for specifics!
  • A Rotary Peak hike with Exchange Students will be August 4.
  • The Hiwan Homestead and MRC will do a literacy program in Evergreen: August 4. Contact Janine if you would like to volunteer.
  • Order peaches by August 13th.  Click the peach right here  to order online directly or you can order from our website.  Pick up your peaches Friday August 24th in front of Luna's Mandala in Aspen Park Center, 25797 Conifer Rd., Conifer.  PRINT A COPY OF YOUR PAYPAL RECEIPT AND BRING IT WHEN YOU PICK UP YOUR ORDER!  Watch for the Sign up Genius to help with distribution.
  • This Sunday from 10-2 the Club will have a family social event at Staunton State Park; it includes a guided historical hike of the property.  We will meet at Davis Ponds; watch for the sign after you pass the entrance station.  Bring you own beverage and a dish to share.  
  • August 1st, 5:30-8pm we will meet at Mad Jack’s to kick off the 285 Back Pack fund-raising.
  • We need a Club member to participate in a webinar in order for us to qualify for District grants.  The webinar will be 5:30-7:30—and can be done from home.  There will also be a training this winter at Red Rocks Community College.
  • In September, we will start a trial change of meeting schedule; information is on the front page of our website.
  • Ed thanked members who helped with SummerFest in Evergreen last weekend; the event supports Evergreen Center for the Arts.
Rotary Club of Conifer Meeting, July 24, 2018 Charlotte Wytias 2018-07-24 06:00:00Z 0
Program: Bigfoot in America
Jim Myers
The Country store in Bailey, which was built in 1878, now houses the Sasquatch Outpost and Museum. Jim and his wife Daphne created the Outpost from the Bailey Country store.
The Sasquatch Outpost idea started shortly after they purchased the store, a long time member of the Bailey community had seen a Bigfoot in the Bailey area while out walking. She shared her experience with Jim.  Then the television program, Finding Bigfoot, came to Bailey after this Bailey sighting.  Over 100 people came to the event, so Jim knew there was a interest in Bigfoot and he and Daphne decided to create their Sasquatch Outpost and Museum.  Public interest has been impressive, over 10,000 people have visited since they opened the museum three years ago. The museum expanded two months ago to about double the size.  It includes a map with pins marking Bigfoot sightings of museum visitors. 
There have been sightings in every State and Canada, in the last 50 years there have been as many as 30,00 sightings.  Physical evidence of Bigfoot existence includes:
  1. Footprints (there was a 20 inch print on the Tanglewood trail; near Bailey Lodge—the prints were 7-8 foot stride)
  2. Manipulation of the environment (tree upside down and rammed into the ground and tipped into the crook of another tree, snapped aspen trees left hanging)
  3. Habituation activity—gifting sites (setting up a site with items, leaving it and returning to notice changes to the site)
  4. Sightings (Patterson-Gimlin Film 1967, Bluff Creek, CA)
Guests: Jim and Daphne Myers
Business/ Announcements:
  • Peaches arriving soon, order by August 13th.  Click the peach right here  to order online directly or you can order from our website.  Pick up your peaches Friday August 24th in front of Luna's Mandala in Aspen Park Center, 25797 Conifer Rd., Conifer.  PRINT A COPY OF YOUR PAYPAL RECEIPT AND BRING IT WHEN YOU PICK UP YOUR ORDER!
  • Rotary Peak activities:  Aug 4 is trail maintenance; Sept 9, Youth Exchange will take their national flags to the peak.
  • Imagination Library: Area 8 Project:  It is the opportunity to sign up for parents to get a book for their children every month until they are 5 years old.  The Dam Duck Derby literacy event August 4 hosted by MRC and Hiwan Museum will have a Rotary booth to support Imagination Library.
  • Grants Training from our District, Sept 15.  We need one member to attend to make us eligible for Matching Grants.
  • Conifer Rotary Social event: July 29, the social committee has scheduled a nature walk and picinic.  We will meet at the Davis Ponds, Staunton State Park picnic area, 
  • 10am-2pm.  We need food for the picnic; sign up.  We will have large sub-sandwiches.  It is family event!
  • Come to Mad Jack’s Brewery August 1,  5:30-7:30.  Scooter’s BBQ will have food for purchase.  The brewery will be giving a portion of beer sales during the month of August to the 285 Back Pack Project!
  • Our Rotary Interactors will do their presentation about their Kenya trip August 14.  
  • Board of Directors’ Meeting: report
    • The Board meeting was last night.  In order to create a balanced budget, we are changing our meeting schedule.  Starting in September the morning meetings will be held on the 1st  and 3rd Tuesday mornings of the month; and the evening group will continue to meet the 2nd and 4th Wednesday evenings.  Morning dues will remain the same and the evening group will have an increase in dues.
    • The Board meetings will be set on days that will not be just before the morning meeting!
  • The Club needs a new person to assist the Sgt of Arms team, to help set up the meeting, greet folks, do happy dollars/do the raffle; clean up and put away.  Please let Janine or Mark know if you can help!
Rotary Club of Conifer Meeting July 17, 2017 Charlotte Wytias 2018-07-17 06:00:00Z 0
Program:  Plastics Evergreen Alliance for Sustainability Project
Chris Pfaff and Ginny Ades
We enjoyed a very informative presentation by Chris Pfaff and Ginny Ades about the efforts of the Evergreen Alliance for Sustainability EAS+Y.  They told us about the proliferation of plastic waste because it such common product in life and it decomposes very slowly.  Curbside recycling has helped, although Colorado is well behind the nation in this effort:  12% compared to 34% recycling nationwide.
They told us about some common products that produce huge amounts of plastic waste:
  • Half of the plastic we use is thrown away after just a few minutes of use.
  • Starbucks cups.  Cannot be recycled because they are made of paper with a plastic liner.  Starbucks has committed $10 million to researching the problem.
  • Grocery bags.  Take recyclable bags to the grocery for your purchases instead.  We use 100 billion bags in the USA annually.
  • Water and soda bottles.  1 million single use plastic bottles are used per minute throughout the world.  They are easily recycled, yet we only recycle-30% in the US.
    • In the US, we use 15-17 million barrels of oil annually to make our plastic bottles, that is enough to power 100,000 vehicles
    • Making plastic bottles requires 2 to 3 times water as there is in bottle
    • BPA is in larger bottles – banned in baby products
  • Plastic straws.  They cannot be recycled and we use 500 million each day in the US alone.  Companies are switching to paper straws to help combat the problem.
Much of the plastic waste ends up in the ocean.  This is particularly problematic for many island nations where pictures showed children wading in acres of discarded bottles.
Plastic breaks down into small particles and is eaten by fish and birds.  Many die from the logjam it creates in their digestive systems, and it is detected in the seafood and shellfish we eat.  Researchers are now finding micro-plastic particles contaminating the bottled water we purchase.
Things to think about:
  • Recycle whenever you can
  • Say ‘no’ to plastic straws in restaurants
  • Use glass containers, it recycles very well with less effort than other waste
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Refute
  • RYLA  Bill Manning invited us to come to the RYLA camp and observe the remarkable results students are experiencing.
  • Tom Becker is working hard on club social events.  Stand by for more from him regarding future events.
  • Bob Carper’s Celebration of Life Saturday July 14th
  • Wes Paxton is back from his trip to Africa with the Interact participants, assisted by Joey Wilson.
  • Board meeting 7/16 6PM Janine’s house, all are invited.
  • 9/22 is Evergreen recycling day
Rotary Club of Conifer Meeting July 10, 2018 Lee Willis 2018-07-10 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Charlotte Wytias
Program:  Club Assembly, discussing club strategy for our future.
New Member Induction:  Nancy Woodson, WELCOME!
  • Wes Paxton and the Interact students are on their way to Kenya.  Our best wishes for the success of their project!
  • Run the Ranch fundraiser was last Saturday:  Ed’s former exchange student from Germany who is visiting Conifer came in third.  He thought there were about 50 people at the event.
  • We have 10 members signed up for highway clean up this Saturday on Pleasant Park Road.  The group will be meeting at 9 am at the parking area below the office buildings left off Pleasant Park Road above the US 285 interchange, join us.
  • Tree planting in the Hayman burn area scheduled for Saturday, June 16.  We need volunteers; email will be coming to finalize the project.  Young people (kids) are welcome to help.
  • The Conifer Rotary Foundation meeting will be next Tuesday at the regular meeting; this is a required meeting by the IRS.  There will be an election for new Board members.  The financial report will be presented, including information about the endowment.  Members will have input about the distribution of grants to community organizations and will be voting on the new Board. 
  • Changing of the guard will be Saturday July 7th at Janine’s home.  More information to come.
  • The Rockies baseball game (fund-raising for the Conifer HS baseball team).  Tom has proposed  July 15---taking the train from Golden.  The cost of the game is $17 ($5 will go to Conifer HS fundraising).
  • Rotary Peak will need volunteers to do trail maintenance this summer.  Finn will provide more information.  He reports that the exchange students will make the Peak as a project when they arrive. 
  • The evening group will be meeting at Hugh’s home Wednesday June 13, to discuss the Peach Sale.  All members are encouraged to attend. 
  • Mountain Home and Garden Show made approximately $24,000 (half will come to Conifer Rotary).
  • Marlis is up-dating the Conifer Rotary By-Laws, which will address the addition of the evening group of Conifer Rotary Club. 
  • Tom Becker and Yvonne Lipson will be organizing the monthly Club Socials.
  • There is going to be a new logo for the Rotary Club of Conifer, to conform to the Rotary International requirements.  There will be more discussion at the meeting next week. 
Happy Dollars!!!
Rotary Club of Conifer Meeting June 5, 2018 Charlotte Wytias 2018-06-05 06:00:00Z 0

The Four-Way Test of the things we think, say, or do:

  1. Is it the truth?
  2. Is it fair to all concerned?
  3. Will it build good will and better friendships?
  4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

For many decades Rotary Clubs and Rotarians have used The 4-Way Test as an instrument to develop respect and understanding among peoples.

Rotarians around the world use the 4-Way Test in business, government and schools as an effective measuring stick for conduct, a guide to right thinking. If memorized and constantly applied to relations with others, it will contribute to more effective and friendlier relationships.

By getting into the habit of checking your thoughts, words and deeds against the 4-Way Test, experience shows that it will help you become happier and more successful.

The Rotary Four Way Test Lee Willis 2013-02-10 07:00:00Z 0
  • January:   Rotary Awareness Month
  • February:   World Understanding Month & R.I.'s Anniversary
  • March:   Literacy Month
  • April:   Magazine Month
  • May:   Rotary Education Month
  • June:   Rotary Fellowship Month & R. I. Convention
  • July:   Transition Month * New Rotary Year Begins
  • August:   Membership and Extension Month
  • September:   New Generations Month
  • October:   Vocational Service Month
  • November:   Rotary Foundation Month
  • December:   Rotary Family Month
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