• The Foothills Home, Garden and Life-style Show is this weekend at Evergreen High School.  We have a Conifer Rotary Booth--Janine is creating a tri-fold with information about Rotary and Conifer Rotary--we will promote the club, peaches sale, and have a Back Pack display.  We will also have new 'business' cards to invite guests to visit the morning and the evening meetings.  Janine will send an email sign-up for Rotary table volunteers.  
  • A very special THANK YOU to Tom Landon and Don Payton for shoveling out the pantry last week…. The bomb cyclone left over 3 feet of snow on the path to the door.
  • We are re-thinking the sale of tickets for next year's St. Pat’s dinner.  We will likely have members sell tickets.   Ten Interactors volunteered at the dinner and we plan to give them money for their projects.
  • Bill Downes will take our promotional materials to his office in Conifer to help build our membership. 
  • The 9 Health Fair will be at Our Lady of the Pines on Saturday April 27.  Plan to sign up to help with registration.
  • The April 3rd Area 8 social, has well over 100 attendees from the five area Rotary Clubs.
  • The District 5450 Conference will be at the Arvada Center Saturday, April 27.  Sign up on the District web-site or just click HERE.
Program:  Carol Carper, Sasa Harambee (Now we do it together!)
Sasa Harambee is amazingly successful and it is only getting better, thanks to Rotary!   There are 300 farmers who are now able to feed themselves and are generating income by growing and selling hay.  Carol just received a matching grant from our District Rotary to set up a database to document the number of people who live with disabilities. The money will also be used to provide training for working with people with disabilities.  Disabled persons in Kenya face a societal bias that they have been visited by the Devil.  For that reason they stay out of sight and suffer with their disability.  Our Rotary members who are going to Kenya in May will be conducting focus groups with Kenyans who suffer with disabilities.
The farmers that Carol works with are doing very well with clean water and sustainable agriculture.  This whole project was funded by Rotary.  The protected springs that our Interact Clubs funded are among the only springs that have not dried up in their current, extreme drought.
Carol plans to live almost full time in Kenya, exempting the HOT months of January and February.  She plans to move her Rotary membership to a Rotary Club in Nairobi, Kenya.  It is a very active, productive club, having obtained many multi-national Rotary Global Grants.
Carol shared a documentary that tells about the Kenya project.  View it on our homepage under the Weblinks - Rotary tab, or just click HERE.
Guests:  Bill Downes, District 5450 District Governor 2016-17