• Marlis.  December 5th is Rotary community service day; we need a plan.  Ideas proposed from the group:  road cleanup, donate blood, support whatever form the MRC Christmas Party has for this year, or Toys for Tots pick up.
  • Angela.  Salvation Army bell ringing this holiday season will be very limited in scope.  King Soopers will have limited bell ringing, a Sign-up Genius will be available for people to volunteer.
  • White elephant gift party this year.  Since we are meeting online, we will have to adjust our procedure.  Proposal, give all white elephant gifts to Marlis and she can open each person's the selected gift online.  Angela volunteered to let us use her house to deliver gifts to Marlis.
  • Wes.  New construction at the High School is the new practice gym.  It will also have drama classrooms and storage for theater sets.  An additional auditorium is possible in the future.
  • Amanda, with Leonor and Julie, our newest member, are organizing the Maskarade fundraiser using the ConiferFest website.  It is up and running thanks to Leonor.  They already have 70 masks, better than expected.
  • Leonor.  More donated masks were sent to needy causes.
  • Milena Lewis from Conifer HS Interact:  The Interact club has a fundraising project for this COVID-19 period.  They are selling “Peace Out Polio” logoed items to promote Polio awareness and raise money.  Check out their wide variety of products at
Program.  Owen Jones. Colorado Careers
Job / Career Planning
Owen Jones joined us with an inspiring talk about lifestyle and careers in Colorado.  Amanda used his help to help her through a rough career transition.  And wow, what a great help he was!
Owen came to the US 35 or so years ago and he still has his gentleman's English accent.  His road to Colorado Careers started with a series of successful jobs at Rolls Royce engines, then Parker Pens, then on to his own pen company.  He entertained us with the story of his amazingly challenging transcontinental move to the US with only 10 days to plan and make the move!
At Colorado Careers, he helps people who want to move to Colorado but need help making it work.  Owen pointed out that careers in Colorado aren’t as much about seeking and finding suitable jobs.  Getting connected with relationships is the key, it is more about who you know and who knows you.  Over the years, he has built many connections around the state.
Owen noted that his mix of clients have changed, starting about 5 years ago his clientele transitioned to local people.  Although, now with COVID-19 he is seeing a lot of career seekers escaping to Colorado again.
In Denver, a resurgence of business activity started in July.  As a result of the COVID-19 economic effects, businesses are improving their procedures and the way they do business.  Hospitals are working on Black Belt procedures to be proactive and improve their business processes.  Customer service procedures are improving with rapid responses to client needs.  Colorado job market is alive and well.  Blue collar jobs are a hit.
Owen keeps in touch with his clients.  One result of these contacts is the company, High Trail Expeditions.  It is a new company that does leadership training in the wild.  They provide offsite training for companies in adventure locations – mountains, wilderness, desert, etc.  Employees are faced with out of the box problem solving and remarkable results are achieved.  Talents and skills among company employees are discovered, offering new opportunities when they return to work and to conduct company business.
Colorado Careers currently has 16 clients.  Some are changing direction.  Some are looking for imaginary jobs and that are impractical.  Owen emphasizes that career seekers must look for jobs that exist and he helps them make the connections.
  • What advice would you give to High School students starting their careers?
Owen:  Sell yourself with your accomplishments, not responsibilities.  You will get hired because of your accomplishments – what you have done.  Through life, have a mindset of growth and improvement and that will lead to accomplishments, and that will get you hired.  We all have accomplishments: organizing people and projects, provide training, and so on.
  • The Affordable Care Act brought many employees with hospital systems onboard.  How has COVID has changed the way they handle employees?
Owen: Now employees are remote, flex time and remote working are improving productivity.  When COVID is over there will be some retention of the new procedures.
  • Why is it so hard to receive a response when sending a resume for a job opening?
Owen: Big companies use computer tracking software on resumes.  There are tools to get around that.  Send him a note, he can help you find out what is missing on your resume to fix it.  One page resumes are a thing of the past.
Guests:  Owen Jones, Milena Lewis, Conifer High School Interact