• District 5450 is looking for volunteers with expertise in websites and social media. Reach out to Marlis to get the contact.

  • The Texas disaster plan: The District does not have plans at this time. Charlotte has friends in Austin who suggested donating to

  • The Rotary Day of Service, May 8 will display the Evergreen Rotary Wildfire truck. It will be an educational venue in the community to help people understand how to be as safe as possible in the event of wildfire. The education will also include information geared to kids. All volunteers will be trained before the day of the event. Cynthia Latham of EG Rotary is the contact for volunteering.

  • Conifer Medical Center may need volunteers to help with future COVID vaccine events. Be on the look out.

  • Amanda announced a presentation by a friend of hers who is a suicide survivor. We will be given information when the date is set. Volunteers may be needed; there will be more information coming.

  • Totes of Hope, Food Bank of the Rockies, rep will be meeting by phone with Charlotte and Suzanne this morning. We will explore how we could partner. Also, we are working with St. Laurence Church to put together boxes of food for back pack families for Spring break—one month from now. The process will involve setting a menu, getting boxes, moving food from the pantry up to the church narthex, packing and arranging with families how to get the food to them: at school, from the church or home delivery. CHS students are interested in volunteering to help deliver food if families choose that way to receive it. In addition, we are looking at ways to provide food during summer break. More to come.

  • Leonor has the St. Patty’s posters that are available to be distributed around the community. The website will be on a tear-off on the posters. Please get the word out to the community. Get your photos in to the site with the dog-walks and the leprechaun capture event. Leonor has sent information to the Principals and PTA presidents.

  • The Valentine’s Day event was fun with Rotary volunteers helping put the food into the bags and distributing to our guests; as well as promoting Rotary to potential members. Everyone raved about the food. Castles and Kitchens website has information about their up-coming events. Sharing is Caring program: $25/meal provides meals to families served by MRC; the tab for donating is on the Castles and Kitchen website. More events are in the works for the up-coming spring/summer. Stay tuned.

  • The Conifer Area Council Town Hall meeting was recorded; please log on to increase the number of participants, which is helpful in getting local voices heard by the county. Contact Angela for more information.


Guests: Kathy Berry and Karen Greguras (Los Altos, California Rotarians), Stanley Harsha