• Carol Carper and Obam visited our meeting from Sasa Harambe, Kenya to talk about a food project that they are setting up to assist families whose crops have been lost and to engage them in participation with the project.  The project will provide beans, rice and oil.
  • Leonor McCall reports that 5130 masks have been crafted.  Art has gathered over 200 t-shirts for the ties that are needed for children's masks.
  • The 5450 District business directory is still accepting Rotary business ads.
  • Barry Schwartz reports on how the States they traveled thru, Florida to Colorado, are dealing with COVID and masks.  Colorado wins, however, Colorado has more cases.  Is it a matter of temperature?  Leonor’s parents in Cancun say that COVID is raging.  We still have much to learn.  STAY SAFE.
  • We won’t know until July if we will have peaches this year.  Dean suggests we be prepared to do the peach sale in the event that the peaches become available.  We may do a first come–first served peach sale, if we get some peaches.
  • The Fund-raising meeting last week developed ideas for several events.  Wes is getting permission from the County, Sheriff and Beaver Ranch for the first:  a drive-up concert at Beaver Ranch, like a tailgate event.  Second is doing smaller events of 10 people at individual homes.  Third is a “Ted Talk” from Amanda that would be a National event related to job preparation and personal development.  A fourth would be an event to serve kids.  Another would be on-line gaming event:  like a poker meet.   The last would be a raffle/auction to guess who wins the “Masters” or other event; the winner gets the pot.  The next meeting is this Thursday at 6pm.  Everyone is asked to participate. Wes will send the link for the on-line meeting.
  • The Bloody Good Time event is this Friday, 6-7:30pm at Marlis and Steve’s.  Everyone is invited whether or not you give blood.  We need to RSVP so Tom knows how many folks are coming.  If you did not respond on Zoom this morning, contact Tom Becker---he sent an email this week, which included directions to the event.  We will be able to play horseshoes.  Bring chairs and food to share and BYOB.  WEAR YOUR MASK, of course. 
  • Bambi had major foot surgery yesterday.  She is home and doing well.  She will be on a “zero pressure” cart for 8 weeks.  She has lots of support at this time.  Diana will keep us in the loop, in the event she has need of assistance.
  • Don Payton may be able to play golf after today’s ‘stress’ test.
  • Platte Canyon High School Seniors are celebrating at a ranch up HWY 43 tonight….a drive-by event.
  • Schools around the country are looking at a mix of in-person and on-line education for the fall.  The JeffCo school district is still working on the plan for fall. The community survey regarding fall educational plans from JeffCo School District is on-line and needs to be filled out by June 3.  Read JeffCo's 'Restart Model' by clicking HERE and you can take the survey by clicking the link on the model or just click HERE.
  • The construction at Conifer High School is in work and progressing well.
  • There are remote resources for children who are struggling at this time of isolation:  Resilience 2020 is available to kids who are having emotional issues related to isolation.  Safe To Tell is also a resource for families and children.
  • Dean asked RI and District 5450 about when we could resume in-person meetings.  Guidelines have been provided and we can determine what feels best for our club. 
  • The current Rotary Outbound Exchange Students’ schedules will be discussed by the RI Board later this month.  Several of the countries are providing ½ year options, including Croatia, where our kids are scheduled to go.  We will not know if the In-Bound students will come, since many of the normal school activities may not be held. which would diminish their experience.
Program:  Club Assembly
We discussed the balance of Club Assemblies to speakers:  50/50.  There was consensus that this provides us with the best way to stay connected with our members. 
We are also comfortable at the 8:00AM time for continuing our online meetings.
We will arrange social events that will provide for physical distancing.
Carol Carper and Ezekiel Obam from Kenya and Barry Schwartz