• Rotary 101: class is on May 18th at 7 PM via a Zoom Session, Finn shared the link last week via club runner. Something for both new and longtime members. It is free and one hour. 
  • Conifer HS graduation: Saturday May 22nd, still needs one more golf cart driver, and six more people to assist with parking. 
  • Mental Health Seminar: Saturday June 5th at 3PM presented by Rebecca Torres, Amanda has emailed a flyer with more information to everyone. This will include things like overcoming the stigma of mental illness, helping people identify outward signs of mental illness, and what you can do to help yourself or someone else. 
  • Rotary Virtual Convention: June 12-16th. $65 for the event with 20 breakout sessions, including member engagement, leadership skills, Rotary’s new area of focus is the environment. 
  • Pass the Gavel Ceremony: June 26th at Marlis’ house at 6PM. 
  • May 8th Day of Service: Went really well, the wind was a little problematic, but we were able to collect food all day. Community members are amazingly generous - $340 in cash and store gift cards, 900 lbs of food as well!
  • 285 Backpack Project: we need at least one more child to sign up so we can get the funding from the USDA. If you know of any families, any outreach would help.
    • Charlotte would like to start training someone to take over the Backpack Project to focus on other areas in Rotary. Reach out to Charlotte/Marlis/or Amanda for more info.
  • Status of 2021 Donation Goals: Goal for the Rotary International annual fund was $1650 and currently we stand at $1933 which is great. The Polio Plus giving goal is $800 with current donations at $435 - if all active members donated $10 that would put us over the goal for the year! Go to the Rotary International website to donate. This money does count towards Paul Harris. 
  • Leonor - The guessing jar fundraiser is still going on, you can purchase your guessing tickets at
  • Angela - Peaches are on this year! Date and more info will be coming soon. 
  • Dean - Rotary Club was represented at Conifer HS trivia night last Saturday. Tied for 6th place. They had great food and a really fun time. It was a great example of how to run a contest online. 
Meeting Program: Amanda Weedman presenting on Conflict Management Strategies
  • Amanda is in the process of finishing her MBA, and last semester took a course in Conflict Management that she found interesting and thought could be interesting to the club. 
  • Conflict is unavoidable, but most conflicts fall into one of three categories: perceived incompatible goals, perceived scarce resources, or interference. 
  • If all participants in a conflict are dissatisfied with an outcome of a conflict, it will start to trend toward a destructive conflict.
  • When running into a conflict, people default to one of three systems: avoidance, collaborative, aggressive/coercive.
    • Avoidant- walking away, pretending like something doesn’t exist, allowing resentment to build up.
    • Collaborative - Meetings and mealtime talks to discuss issues, listening, dealing with it directly, being open.
    • Aggressive - survival of the fittest, being honest with no regard to how it impacts others, strong feelings, never backing down
  • Gender also plays a role in how we handle conflict. For example, men tend to display more dominating and competitive behavior while women display more avoidant and compromising behavior. Women tend to be more verbally aggressive, while men tend to be more physically aggressive. 
  • Power struggles - power is ability to produce intended effect, influence behavior over another person, and resist influence of others. In some situations, you may perceive you have less power than others, and others you may feel you have more. This will affect how you will engage. 
    • If you can be mindful of this, and adjust accordingly. For example, showing restraint when you are in a higher power situation, or focusing on interdependence when you’re in a lower power situation.
  • There are five conflict styles: avoiding, dominating, integrating, obliging, compromising all on a scale of concern for self vs concern for others. For example, integrating is high on both concern for self and concern for others.
  • There are advantages and disadvantages to all five styles
  • To download these slides, go to and click on Conflict Management Strategies.
Guests: Incoming Area 8 Assistant Governor, Bob Loeffler, John Liu, and Maria joined us again this week too. Welcome everyone!