• Lee is our President Elect for 2021-2022.  Congratulations and thanks!
  • Mask report:  delivered over 2600 masks to 35 organizations, including the Navajo Nation.
  • What are the men in the Club doing to support COVID-19?  Dean will engage the guys to find some way that they can help in the COVID 19.
  • Vitalant Blood Bank: Tom Becker will send out information about how we can all sign up. We are planning for Friday June 5; more information to verify will come.  Wear your Rotary shirts; request staff to take photos; Dean will assemble a photo collage.  We will have an after-donation party at Marlis’ driveway.  Social distancing provided, free of charge!
  • Dues are payable now, use the convenience button on our club website homepage or send a check.
  • Dean suggested a “happy bucks” donations be instituted.  He will come up with a plan for doing that virtually.
  • Fund-raising ideas:
    • Giving Tuesday is today and funds will be matched today only, but donations can be made through May 26.  Dean sent an email with the link.  You can also donate to our foundation using the link on the club website.
    • On-line music festival.  Suzanne suggested, she could reach out to the Nashville folks to see if they have ideas about how we could do that.  Maybe local community musicians would like to play; Nancy will explore. 
    • House-concerts for small groups of people paying to attend. Nancy will look into the possibility. 
    • July 4 could be a day for patriotic music events.
  • Dean is asking about the changes that we have each experienced since COVID-19 limits have been in place. 
    • Marlis’ son got credit for jury duty after it was postponed last winter.
    • Morti has slowed down, all in a good way.
    • There are many “kindness outbreak” pages on social media---many people are reaching out to help neighbors.
    • We have seen more extremes in people’s world views and expressions—not always positive!
    • Cathy is appreciating the time she now spends with her parents walking every weekend when visiting Grand Junction.
    • Every aspect of what we do is coming into question.  We are looking at alternate ways to do what we have always done: Schools can use remote learning on snow days, with chrome-books for every kid.  And we can have Rotary meetings remotely when weather is bad.
    • Employers could allow more virtual work—with multiple benefits to workers and the planet.
    • Gas prices have dropped!
    • Parents are really appreciating teachers!!!!  This is Teacher Appreciation Week!  WJMS is giving teachers thank you gift cards for local restaurants.  Platte Canyon kids made a video for their teachers and Morti purchased gift cards.
  • The scholarship team completed interviewing PCHS and CHS and selected six students as recipients.   Suzanne will be putting an article in the paper announcing the recipients.  We also gave a Bootstraps scholarship; Wes sent a link to a video thank you.
  • Cliff Bowron, Colorado Serenity, requested an article about Conifer Rotary and all that we have been doing since COVID-19.  Leonor sent an article that included our various projects with photos.  Be on the lookout in the next Serenity, thank you Leonor!
Program Next Week:
Wes Paxton will give an update on what’s happening at CHS, including virtual learning and future opportunities for our schools.