Updates & Announcements
Our Rotary exchange student, Julia Lima Ambrosio, joined us. Stan also joined online.
  • On Thursday night, there will be a meeting about ConiferFest to figure out what can be done better.
  • Yvonne provided a MindFest update. We are making a PowerPoint presentation to pitch grants and sponsorships. Save the Date is up and we are working on a website. We have two speakers and one vendor. Jin Halderman will be speaking on anger management, Carrie Lehtonen on stress management, Bryn Murphy does play therapy and will bring her toys. We have ten fun facts to know about your brain. Event will be at Our Lady of the Pines on Feb. 17. We need to educate parents to see when their kids are struggling.
  • Wes updated everyone about Resilience 12-20 group sessions that are available to everyone in the foothills and shared that all the schools have access to Hazel Health counseling services online. Free to the students.
  • Peaches will be delivered on Saturday and this will most likely to be our most profitable fundraiser.
  • There will be no September 12th morning meeting; it will be combined with the evening meeting and will be held on September 13th at the Mountain Resource Center from 5:30pm-7:00pm. Topic: Ryla Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) participants to present on their RYLA experience to the entire club.  
Meeting program
Social Services for Seniors, Mary Anne Wesoloski, Seniors Alliance of Platte Canyon
Mary Anne Wesoloski of Seniors Alliance of Platte Canyon spoke about discovering that the reason Bailey was receiving so few services for elderly and others was the result of its location. It is in the Pikes Peak region for social services and Bailey is hard to reach from Colorado Springs. The alliance opened just before Covid struck. They work to connect seniors to advocacy, education, socialization and resources. They’ve had a 9 HealthCare Day in Bailey, helped people register for vaccinations because many people can’t get internet, and offered classes in fire evacuation in connection with Fire-Adapted Bailey and Platte Canyon Fire Department. The majority of disaster victims are older. They’ve added a food pantry, a food van, and a blood pressure and foot clinic, as well as the popular lending closest for crutches and other medical equipment. We are looking for funding for a half-time volunteer in our office and could use help with grant writing.