Updates & Announcements
  • Tree award: to the Interact Club of Conifer High School. They showed the Warren Miller ski film as a fundraiser. They were so proud to be in Interact. They raised $3555, used their charm to get great things to donate, including a ski board worth $600. They sold out both nights.
  • We are working on April 24 district dinner at El Rancho.
  • Stan: I’m looking into buying breakfast burritos, $5 each for next Tuesday.
  • Pat and Stan attended the international committee meeting in Evergreen.
  • Bambi: This weekend, she and Diana went to the Georgetown Christmas Fair and found a Rotary beer mug, so we bought it for a Stan Mug Award. We all know how Stan loves awards.
  • Diana: 285 Backpack project. Carrie is doing all the food ordering for backpack now. Discussed coordination with schools. Can use our connections for backpack at the schools.
  • MindFest updates:
    • Yvonne: For Mindfest in February, we have 21 ambassadors signed up for booths, including play therapy, yoga, eating disorders, compassionate communications, National Association for Mental Illness, nutritionist, Girl Scouts, acupuncturist, Girls on the Fly, vibro-acoustic therapy, VFW. Right now, we just have “save the date” on the Rotary website. Our webmaster is swamped. We have the layout for the auditorium. We have tables at the church.
    • Diana: We have tablecloths etc in the shed.
    • Charlotte: We have a sketch of how many people we need to help. Slime-making station. Mental health first aid.
    • Ann suggested Lee might be able to help with posting things to the website. She will introduce Yvonne to Carrie Brewer for grief counseling and relaxation yoga. Ann also suggested that we really need Jefferson Center for Mental Health to give its information on mental health first aid. And we need Wes to ask the Interact members what teens would like to have an MindFest.
    • Divide up the schools at the next MindFest meeting.
    • Stan: Will talk to Wes about Interact, principal at CHS, about what do teens want to see at this. Bullying already, activities.
  • Stan explained a District 5450 initiative to fund the WAKAM Global Grant, Rotarians against Malaria Rotary Action Group project in collaboration with a consortium of 20 Kenyan Rotary Clubs. Each club that participates with $1000 of funding will be paired with a Kenyan club.  I’ve had malaria, it can be controlled and eradicated. The goal is to eradicate. Nets over bedding with insecticide in them. Anti-malaria medicines.  Many methods. We want 20 districts in Colorado to support this. Suggest $500 from our international fund, $250 from the refugee fund and ask for donations of $250 to make it $1000. 
  • Amanda: We fund international projects through the club, while the foundation funds local projects.
  • Stan: They are trying to do a global grant and apply by the end of March.
  • Diana: Fundraising for this year goes to projects for next year. When Charles is president.
  • Stan: In the club we budgeted $1000 for international projects. Stan is requesting $500 for Sasa Harambe and now $500 for this, from the club. We can ask members to donate to the foundation and earmark it for this project.
  • Diana: Rotary international action group part of Rotary International Foundation. Members probably can donate directly to that. We should find out.
  • Stan: Jonathan has raised over $3000 from the community for the refugee family. So he’s giving up $500 of our $1500 to Sasa Harambe the malaria project.
  • The club voted to spend the $1000 from international budget plus $500 from the refugee budget to fund $750 for the international malaria project and $750 for Sasa Harambe Project. Dean and Suzanne will pledge funds for Sasa Harambe with the hope that members will match those pledges.
Upcoming Events
  • Mindfest meeting: Monday 18th 6 p.m.; then after Jan. 1