• Lee would be willing to be webmaster if someone would consider taking the treasurer position. The webmaster position posts the weekly bulletin and manages incoming emails as well as creating links for events; it takes at least 5 hours a week. The treasurer uses Quickbooks and creates the monthly reports and sends the quarterly dues bills to members. Communicate your interest to Marlis.

  • The Rotary Evergreen Mardi Gras is February 19 and 20---with drive-in entertainment at Wild Game in Evergreen. Go to the Evergreen Rotary website to sign up.

  • The Rotary Wildfire Ready: there are three brochures that have been developed: Harden your home; Defensible space; and Emergency go bag. There are links coming on our Conifer Rotary website so that we can share them.

  • The Valentines Dinner update: today is the last day to order via We have our full complement of volunteers to distribute to dinners.

  • Leonor has created a data base of all our community members who have participated in our events so that we can send them invitations for our future events.


Program: Club Assembly