• Next Tuesday: 5th Tuesday of the month, so we will not meet and that makes today Marlis’ last meeting as President. Thank you to Marlis for everything you’ve done for the club during a remarkable year!
  • Evening Conifer Rotary Group: meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at Angela's (contact her for address) from 5:30-6:30pm.  If the weather is inclement, the meeting will be at the Catholic Church (Our Lady of the Pines).
  • Upcoming Events:
  • Peaches Update: 
    • We’ve emailed our contacts about peaches and are preparing a card to send in the mail. Angela will be going to pick up the mail from our PO box to look for orders. We are not depositing checks until they pick up their peaches, so will make this clear to everyone who orders with a check.
    • Ed usually delivers peaches to the Evergreen rotary meeting. Since peaches arrive on a Saturday this year, we may have to ask them to come pick up themselves. It will be Evergreen Rotary’s recycle day, so maybe peaches can be delivered to that location. Ed can’t do it this year because of a wedding he’s attending, so Lesley has offered to do it since she’ll be at the recycling event. Amanda has offered to attend an ER meeting to promote the peach sale. 
  • Involvement with other organizations (Amanda):
    • She’s lived on Foxton drive for years and has never been to the VFW patriot breakfast and finally went and it was wonderful. 
    • Thinking maybe some time this fall we could pick a day and several of us could go representing Rotary. 
    • We’d like to help other local clubs like Kiwanis, VFW, and any others this in the coming year so if anyone has suggestions feel free to let her know.
  • Hybrid Meetings:
    • We will try to be hybrid to be inclusive of all members to make it easier for those who are working and/or have difficulty making an in person meeting all of the time.
    • Sept 1st is our  goal of going full hybrid
    • Our initial July 1 date is not as realistic - mainly because Amanda will just be getting started as club President and will need a little time to settle into everything.
    • Let Amanda know if there are any “I can’t do…” vs preferences when it comes to the format and timing of club meetings. 
  • Meeting Speakers (Morti):
    • Any members who would like to speak, please send your info to Morti to get on the calendar. We’re booking into September now. 
    • Thanks to everyone who provided feedback about what to do when speakers cancel unexpectedly. 
Meeting Program:  New member induction - Maria Galter
  • Maria was previously a member of the Evergreen Rotary and has moved to Bailey and felt like joining our club would make more sense. 
  • Maria is now officially inducted as our newest member of the Conifer Rotary club, welcome Maria! We are so excited to have you join us.
Guests: Sara Gardner, Maria Galter