• Evening Conifer Rotary Group: meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at Angela’s home, 5:30-6:30pm.  If the weather is inclement, the meeting will be at the Catholic Church (Our Lady of the Pines).
  • Upcoming Events:
  • Peaches Update:  The information will be sent to our previous emails.  August 28, $38.  We will have it in Aspen Park.  Sign up Genius will be set up early August.  There will be order forms at Elevation Celebration and the Interact run.  Lee is working on setting up a PayPal account.  
  • International Service Committee: Pat will attend the International Service Committee tonight (Tuesday)—an in-person meeting!!
  • Rotary Day of Service Youtube:  The Rotary Day of Service, May 8, 2021 video can be found: Way to Go Conifer Rotary!!
Meeting Program:  Audrey Boxwell, PhD, Psychologist and Doctor of Theology
  • Dr. Boxwell began her career as a dental hygienist.  She learned of a number of chronic ailments that her patients had.  After 30 years, she left this career and went back to school to get her doctorate and focused on the mind-body connection.  Meditation became an important “treatment” to help people with illnesses.  She had to learn meditation via focusing on her breath while walking and climbing…sitting meditation did not work for her!  
  • She wrote her dissertation on the mind-gut connection, with the gut being the organ that responds first to stimuli in the environment.  She found that taking her patients walking helped them use their breathing to relax and reduce the stresses causing symptoms.  Walking opens people’s capacity to relax and communicate the issues they are experiencing.  She calls her therapy Psyche-Hike.  (psyche=soul).  Movement is a great healer.  In-spire-ation helps our mind to work better and helps us to “move forward”.  
  • Her book is titled:  From Sole to Soul.  She wrote her book while walking. It is a book of daily inspiration to help people “get moving” every day.  The book is available from or Amazon
Guests: John Liu,  Frank Sims,  Sarah Gardner, Barry Schwartz (welcome home!)