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Service Above Self

We meet Tuesday mornings and on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday evenings each month. Mornings @ 7AM on Tuesdays, Evenings @ 5:30PM 2nd & 4th Wednesdays.
Mornings @ Mountain Resource Center, 11030 Kitty Drive, Conifer CO
Evenings @ St. Laurence Church, 26812 Barkley Road,
Conifer, CO
United States of America
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Meeting Programs
Sarah Kinzer, Marilyn Saltzman
Sep 17, 2019
Mountain Resource Center Initiatives
Dean McCall
Sep 24, 2019
Club Assembly
Shelly Turkington
Oct 01, 2019
Salvation Army Programs
Dean McCall
Oct 07, 2019
Club Assembly
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Upcoming Events
Rotary Conifer News
  • This Saturday, September 14, 10am-Noon:  We will be painting the TeePee Lodge at Beaver Ranch.  After the job, we will gather ad 3 Margaritas for lunch and libation.
  • Wednesday, Sept 11, 6pm, the RYLA kids will be presenting their report on RYLA at the MRC.  There will be pizza and soft drinks.
  • The next Board meeting will be Sept 23, 6pm at Dean’s home.
  • Next week, Sarah Kinzer will be presenting an update on MRC’s future.
  • Jim Sherwood, Evergreen Clothing Company, has donated 100 t-shirts for the Back Pack Project.  
Club Assembly:  Vision and Mission
Guests:  Bambi Moss, Mindy Hansen,  Morti Longsdorf
Fitzsimmons Middle School Interact Project
Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Supplies
Please help our Interact Students, contact Suzanne Barkley
Project Consumables
1000 Zip Ties - Different sizes
Wood Glue
Glue Sticks
Duct Tape
Double-sided tape
2 x 4
Fishing line
Nails (variety of sizes)
Screws (variety of sizes)
20 Exacto-Knife Blades
10 box Expo Markers
3000 Popsicle Sticks
Extension Cords
Tools and Equipment
4 Wired drills, not rechargeable
6 New saws
8 better glue guns
2 additional Work benches
2 stationary clamps
4 Tape Measures (Metal)
2 workbench lamps
2 Phillips screw drivers
2 Standard screw drivers
2 sets of pliers
2 sets of drill bits (variety of sizes)
4 Dremel Tools (and attachments)
2 Sanders
2 Fire Extinguisher
2 Fire Blankets
2 Fire Extinguisher boxes with locks
2 Fire Blanket Boxes
15 more outlets in the room or power strips mounted onto the walls