Grant Applications are Available, Submit by October 1st
Our Conifer Rotary Club Foundation supports worthwhile causes in the local community with funding grants.  Apply by downloading and submitting an application no later than Friday October 1st.  Download by clicking HEREor it is available under the Downloads tab above
Temporary COVID-19 Virus Changes
We are joining the effort to slow the COVID-19 coronavirus by holding videoconference meetings on Tuesday mornings at 8:00 AM.  Our in-person morning meetings are temporarily suspended.  Evening meetings are currently being held in person every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 5:30 PM. Visitors please join us, email us at and we will send you the information you need for the meetings.  Club members, check your email for online meeting details from our President.
Rotary Foundation Donations
Join us in our Conifer Rotary Foundation efforts to make our community and the world a better place.
Join us in supporting the Rotary International Foundation's many national and international humanitarian projects by clicking HERE.
Member Dues Payments
Club members can make dues payments here.
Meeting Programs
Dennis Paige
Sep 28, 2021
Community Eco-Gardens: Landscaping with Native Plants
Lacy Robinson, CFSP
Oct 05, 2021
Completing Your Digital Legacy Plan
Kerry (Kerrigan) Clough
Oct 12, 2021
The New Administration’s Environmental Priorities
Carol Carper
Oct 19, 2021
Sasa Harambee Project
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Upcoming Events
Rotary Conifer News
Updates and Announcements
Rotary New Logo: RI is giving funds to go towards club rebranding with the new logo. The money can be used to help get Rotary’s name out in the community, since we already did most of our rebranding. One suggestion is that we could all get a new TShirt ~ $20 per person. Another idea is to get a new Rotary Sign that we can use at events. If you have any other ideas, reach out to Amanda. 
Town Hall Meeting: Was this week on Wednesday at West Jefferson Middle School. There is a recording available here: 
Tie-Dye party: September 25th at 10am. In the past the club has made bags for the Backpack pantry program to be used to fill with food. Bambi sent an email to club members with more info, but if you have more questions you can reach out to her directly.
9 Health Fair, Saturday October 16 at Platte Canyon High School: There’s a list of jobs that still need to be done including:
  • On site and on-line registration
  • Parking
  • Volunteer Registration
  • Sanitation
  • Nourishment table
  • Set-up Friday afternoon/tear-down Saturday 1pm
  • Ambassadors
  • Check-out table
Go to to sign up to volunteer. 
Youth Exchange: District wide we’re moving forward and having our first district meeting Tuesday 9/14. 
Upcoming Events
Webinars: Sign up at
Rotary - Peace Corps Week: September 20-26th 
Mental Health Seminars:
  • Caring for the Caregivers: Thursday, September 30 6-7:30 (presented by Mt. Evans)
  • Teen Crisis: Thursday, October 14 6-7:30 (presented by Resilience1220)
  • Grief and Loss: Thursday, November 4 6-7:30 (presented by Resilience1220)
9News Health Fair: October 16th
World Polio Day: Is October 24th, click here to watch RI President Shekhar discuss 2021 World Polio Day:
Foothills Home Garden & Lifestyle Show: 2022 dates have been set for April 9th and 10th. More info to come, but the website can be found: 
Meeting Program: Maria Galtar - Nature Connected Coaching--what is it?
  • Maria is a Nature-Connected coach as well as a transformational wilderness guide. She can take people out into the wilderness for multiple days and guide them through a transformational experience.
  • Everything in the universe is within you - our being contains all of the answers that we need to guide ourselves in life.
  • Most of us have felt this tug that we want to walk in the world with our full wholeness and engage in what brings us most joy. 
  • Why nature?
    • Stress relief, lower blood pressure, enhanced immune system, reduced anxiety, increased self esteem and more. 
  • When we are in nature, we feel a sense of peace and tranquility and this is by design.
  • Schuman Response - during our waking day, we’re usually at a beta or high-beta brain wave. Sometimes, when going into a high-beta brain wave, that’s when anxiety kicks in and cortisol rises. Often in urban environments, the sounds of cars, airplanes, etc, will activate a higher beta state. 
  • Alpha - is a state when we’re calm, relaxed and grounded. This is when we are most creative and have the most clarity. Alpha waves are the same vibrations the earth emits.
  • Brain Plasticity - We can change our attitudes, perspectives and beliefs formed by past experiences that are stored as memories. 
  • In a nature-connected session, people move through an experience in nature that provides a simulation of what we want to change and how we want to be.
Guests: Sara Gardener